Journal of Water and Health, June 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 3

Pharmaceuticals’ removal by constructed wetlands: a critical evaluation and meta-analysis on performance, risk reduction, and role of physicochemical properties on removal mechanisms
Huma Ilyas; Ilyas Masih; Eric D. van Hullebusch

Quantifying public health risks from exposure to waterborne pathogens during river bathing as a basis for reduction of disease burden
M. M. Majedul Islam; Md. Atikul Islam

Design and implementation of water purification system based on deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes and a multi-pass geometry reactor
Pallabi Pramanik; Shaswati Das; Arghya Adhikary; Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri; Anirban Bhattacharyya

Cyanobacteria – insidious foe of the skin?
Damjana Drobac Backović; Nada Tokodi; Borislava Nikolin; Zorica Svirčev

A risk-based evaluation of onsite, non-potable reuse systems developed in compliance with conventional water quality measures
Mary E. Schoen; Michael A. Jahne; Jay Garland

Next Day Legionella PCR: a highly reliable negative screen for Legionella in the built environment
Katherine E. Fisher; Leah P. Wickenberg; Lesley F. Leonidas; Anna A. Ranz; Michelle A. Habib; Rafael M. Buford; William F. McCoy

Estimating the malaria transmission over the Indian subcontinent in a warming environment using a dynamical malaria model
Shweta Chaturvedi; Suneet Dwivedi

Fate of Ascaris at various pH, temperature and moisture levels
Jenna Senecal; Annika Nordin; Björn Vinnerås

Shotgun metagenomics reveals differences in antibiotic resistance genes among bacterial communities in Western Balkans glacial lakes sediments
Brankica Filipic; Katarina Novovic; David J. Studholme; Milka Malesevic; Nemanja Mirkovic; Milan Kojic; Branko Jovcic

Factors associated with adherence to safe water chain practices among refugees in Pagirinya refugee settlement, Northern Uganda
Thomas Mugumya; John Bosco Isunju; Tonny Ssekamatte; Solomon Tsebeni Wafula; Richard K. Mugambe

Rotavirus contamination of surface waters from the northwest of Argentina
Verónica Emilse Prez; Hugo Ramiro Poma; Georgina Gisela Giordano; Matías Victoria; Silvia Viviana Nates; Verónica Beatriz Rajal; Patricia Angélica Barril

Child undernutrition in households with microbiologically safer drinking water and ‘improved water’ in Tanna, Vanuatu
Alexandra L. Morrison; Hanneke Lewthwaite; Lisa A. Houghton; Daniel Sum Jimmy Nasak; Katrina J. Sharples; Peter Brown; John A. Crump; Susan J. Jack

Diversity, virulence and antibiogram traits of Escherichia coli recovered from potable water sources in Gharbia, Egypt
Walid Elmonir; Etab Mohamed Abo Remela; Yasmine Alwakil

Journal of Water and Health, April 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 2

Aquatic yeasts: diversity, characteristics and potential health implications
Mzimkhulu Ephraim Monapathi; Carlos Cornelius Bezuidenhout; Owen Howard James Rhode
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 91–105.

Preparation and characterization of PAN nanofibers containing boehmite nanoparticles for the removal of microbial contaminants and cadmium ions from water
Sedigheh Borhani; Arezo Asadi; Hossein A. Dabbagh
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 106–117.

Detection of Acanthamoeba spp. in two major water reservoirs in the Philippines
Giovanni Milanez; Frederick Masangkay; Frieda Hapan; Thea Bencito; Marcus Lopez; Jeffrey Soriano; Abdee Ascaño; Louella Lizarondo; Joseph Santiago; Voravuth Somsak Manas Kotepui; Amalia Tsiami; Jitbanjong Tangpong; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 118–126.

The occurrence of potentially pathogenic filamentous fungi in recreational surface water as a public health risk
Katarzyna Góralska; Joanna Błaszkowska; Magdalena Dzikowiec
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 127–144.

Water, sanitation and hygiene risk factors for the transmission of cholera in a changing climate: using a systematic review to develop a causal process diagram
Natalia Jones; Maha Bouzid; Roger Few; Paul Hunter; Iain Lake
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 145–158.

Monitoring the lead-and-copper rule with a water-gated field effect transistor
Zahrah Alqahtani; Nawal Alghamdi; Martin Grell
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 159–171.

Acanthamoeba spp. in river water samples from the Black Sea region, Turkey
İlknur Koyun; Zeynep Kolören; Ülkü Karaman; Amalia Tsiami; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 186–199.

The pursuit of good microbiological conditions in domestic softeners: a new improvement
L. Bolelli; Elida Nora Ferri; Stefano Sangiorgi; Giuseppe Novelli; Stefano Girotti
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 200–206.

Developing a forecasting model for cholera incidence in Dhaka megacity through time series climate data
Salima Sultana Daisy; A. K. M. Saiful Islam; Ali Shafqat Akanda; Abu Syed Golam Faruque; Nuhu Amin; Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 207–223.

Effect of Spathiphyllum blandum on the removal of ibuprofen and conventional pollutants from polluted river water, in fully saturated constructed wetlands at mesocosm level
Luis Sandoval; José Luis Marín-Muñíz; Jacel Adame-García; Gregorio Fernández-Lambert; Florentina Zurita
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 224–228.

Identifying the primary sources of fecal contamination along the beaches and rivers of Trinidad
Ronell S. H. Bridgemohan; Dave S. Bachoon; Yingfan Wang; Puran Bridgemohan; Christine Mutiti; Adesh Ramsubhag
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 229–238.

Febrile illness after a beach day: a case of salmonella bacteremia from oral exposure to a sand dollar
Carlos E. Trigo; Faisalmohemed Patel
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 239–243.

Isolation and identification of Acanthamoeba genotypes and Naegleria spp. from the water samples of public swimming pools in Qazvin, Iran
Nastaran Paknejad; Elham Hajialilo; Mehrzad Saraei; Amir Javadi
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 244–251.

Journal of Water and Health, February 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 1

Monitoring hospital wastewaters for their probable genotoxicity
Asma Beltifa ; Sana Alibi ; Hedi Ben Mansour
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 1–7.

Detection of human fecal pollution in environmental waters using human mitochondrial DNA and correlation with general and human-associated fecal genetic markers
A. B. M. Tanvir Pasha ; Jessica Hinojosa ; Duc Phan ; Adrianne Lopez ; Vikram Kapoor
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 8–18.

Selecting rep-PCR markers to source track fecal contamination in Laguna Lake, Philippines
Kevin L. Labrador ; Mae Ashley G. Nacario ; Gicelle T. Malajacan ; Joseth Jermaine M. Abello ; Luiza H. Galarion ; Christopher Rensing ; Windell L. Rivera

Environmental monitoring of Aichi virus and human bocavirus in samples from wastewater treatment plant, drain, and River Nile in Egypt
Mohamed N. F. Shaheen ; Sahar E. Abd El-Daim ; Nehal I. Ahmed ; Elmahdy M. Elmahdy
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 30–37.

Occurrence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in river water and sediment of the Mahakam River
Tony Hadibarata ; Risky Ayu Kristanti ; Ahmed Hossam Mahmoud
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 38–47.

Impact of fecal contamination on surface water quality in the São Francisco River hydrographic basin in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Marina Salim Dantas ; Josiani Cordova de Oliveira ; Carolina Cristiane Pinto ; Sílvia Corrêa Oliveira
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 48–59.

Isolation and molecular identification of free-living amoebae (Naegleria spp., Acanthamoeba spp. and Vermamoeba spp.) from mineral springs in Guilan Province, northern Iran
Mohammad Hossein Feiz Haddad ; Habib Habibpour ; Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 60–66.

High quantities of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli are present in the Machángara urban river in Quito, Ecuador
David Ortega-Paredes ; Pedro Barba ; Santiago Mena-López ; Nathaly Espinel ; Verónica Crespo ; Jeannete Zurita
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 67–76.

Physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of groundwater in a rural area of Western Niger: a case study of Bonkoukou
Hassane Adamou ; Boubacar Ibrahim ; Seyni Salack ; Rabani Adamou ; Safietou Sanfo ; Stefan Liersch
J Water Health (2020) 18 (1): 77–90.

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Journal of Water and Health, December 2019, Vol. 17, Issue 6

Factors influencing the relationship between fluoride in drinking water and dental fluorosis: a ten-year systematic review and meta-analysis
M. H. Akuno ; G. Nocella ; E. P. Milia ; L. Gutierrez
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 845-862.

Survey on bacterial contamination of bidet toilets and relation to the interval of scrubbing these units
Akira Tsunoda ; Yoshihito Otsuka ; Akihiro Toguchi ; Kumiko Watanabe ; Ryou Nishino ; Tomoko Takahashi
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 863-869.

Implementation and evaluation of the water safety plan approach for buildings
Isabelle Schmidt ; Bettina Rickert ; Oliver Schmoll ; Thomas Rapp
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 870-883.

Maternal urinary levels of trichloroacetic acid and association with adverse pregnancy outcomes
Funanani Mashau ; Esper Jacobeth Ncube ; Kuku Voyi
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 884-895.

Translating pathogen knowledge to practice for sanitation decision-making
Innocent K. Tumwebaze ; Joan B. Rose ; Nynke Hofstra ; Matthew E. Verbyla ; Isaac Musaazi ; Daniel A. Okaali ; Rose C. Kaggwa ; Irene Nansubuga ; Heather M. Murphy
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 896-909.

Antibiotic resistance genes removal and membrane fouling in secondary effluents by combined processes of PAC/BPAC–UF
Lihua Sun ; Pengfei Shi ; Ning He ; Qiwei Zhang ; Xi Duan
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 910-920.

Solar water disinfection with parabolic and flat reflectors
Audrey Beattie ; Heather Dillon ; Cara Poor ; Ryan Kenton
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 921-929.

Multi-drug resistance traits of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and other Staphylococcal species from clinical and environmental sources
Adegboyega O. Oladipo ; Oluwatosin G. Oladipo ; Cornelius C. Bezuidenhout
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 930-943.

Examining the factors related to bacteriological testing of private wells in Southern Ontario
Mohamed Ugas ; David L. Pearl ; Shawn Zentner ; Dana Tschritter ; Wendy Briggs ; Donna Manser ; Lise A. Trotz-Williams
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 944-956.

Measurement of gross alpha and beta activity concentration in groundwater of Jordan: groundwater quality, annual effective dose and lifetime risk assessment
Ahmad Hussein Alomari ; Muneer Aziz Saleh ; Suhairul Hashim ; Amal Alsayaheen ; Ismail Abdeldin ; Refaat Bani khalaf
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 957-970.

Occurrence and molecular characterization of Torque teno virus (TTV) in a wastewater treatment plant in Tehran
Shadi Tavakoli Nick ; Seyed Reza Mohebbi ; Seyed Masoud Hosseini ; Hamed Mirjalali ; Masoud Alebouyeh
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 971-977.

Watershed integrity and associations with gastrointestinal illness in the United States
Jyotsna S. Jagai ; Alison K. Krajewski ; Monica P. Jimenez ; Mark S. Murphy ; Scott G. Leibowitz ; Danelle T. Lobdell
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 978-988.

Linking water quality monitoring and climate-resilient water safety planning in two urban drinking water utilities in Ethiopia
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J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 989-1001.