Journal of Water and Health, Volume 21, Issue 7, 1 July 2023


Engaging the health sector in climate-resilient WASH development
Hannah Marcus
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 851–855.

2D and 3D electrochemical degradation (ECD) of raw cotton industry wastewater (CIWW) using stainless steel and aluminium electrodes
Thanushree Mysuru Siddappa; Mahesh Shivaswamy; Mahadevaswamy Mahadevappa
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 856–868.

Enhancement of adsorptive removal efficiency of an anionic dye from aqueous solutions using carboxylic acid-modified mulberry leaves: Artificial neural network modeling, isotherm, and kinetics evaluation
Celal Duran; Sengul Tugba Ozeken; Aslihan Yilmaz Camoglu; Duygu Ozdes
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 869–883.

Legionella in drinking water: the detection method matters
Nicole Zacharias; Felix Waßer; Lia Freier; Kirsten Spies; Christoph Koch; Stefan Pleischl; Nico T. Mutters; Thomas Kistemann
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 884–894.

Global prevalence and genotype distribution of Microsporidia spp. in various consumables: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Sanaz Rezaeian; Ali Taghipour; Saeed Bahadory; Vahid Mogharab; Amir Abdoli
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 895–914.

Hydrochemical characterisation and identification of seawater intrusion in the Visakhapatnam coastal aquifer
Venna Mythilee Priyanka; Ramesh Maddamsetty; Srinivas Yarramalle
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 915–924.

Assessment of groundwater and surface water quality in a typical mining community: application of water quality indices and hierarchical cluster analyses
Emmanuella Anang; Meshack Tei; Anthony Boakye Antwi; Victor Kwabena Aduboffour; Benjamin Anang
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 925–938.

Assessing the social and economic implications on water security in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Cape of South Africa
Richard Kwame Adom; Mulala Danny Simatele; Memory Reid
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 939–955.

Community health impacts after a jet fuel leak contaminated a drinking water system: Oahu, Hawaii, November 2021
Shanna Miko; Alex R. Poniatowski; Alyssa N. Troeschel; Diana J. Felton; Shireen Banerji; Michele L. F. Bolduc; Alvin C. Bronstein; Alyson M. Cavanaugh; Charles Edge; Abigail L. Gates; Madeline Jarvis; Nicole A. Mintz; Vidisha Parasram; Jamie Rayman; Amanda R. Smith; Jared C. Wagner; Benjamin G. Gerhardstein; Maureen F. Orr
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 956–971.

First report of free-living amoebae in watercourses in southern Brazil: molecular diagnosis and phylogenetic analysis of Vermamoeba vermiformis, Naegleria gruberi, and Acanthamoeba spp.
Brenda Teixeira Scardini Marinho; Denise Leal dos Santos; Daniel Leal dos Santos; Marilise Brittes Rott
J Water Health (2023) 21 (7): 972–980.

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