Journal of Water and Health, Volume 22 Issue 2, 1 February 2024


A comprehensive review of human health risks of arsenic and fluoride contamination of groundwater in the South Asia region
Yash Aryan; Thambidurai Pon; Balamurugan Panneerselvam; Anil Kumar Dikshit
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 235–267.

COVID-19 cases, vaccination, and SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: insights from a Brazilian municipality
Mariana Aparecida de Freitas Abreu; Bruna Coelho Lopes; Paula Peixoto Assemany; Aline dos Reis Souza; Luciene Alves Batista Siniscalchi
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 268–277.

Assessing the genotoxic potential of wastewater effluents from three wastewater treatment plants in South Africa
Rahzia Hendricks; Hein H. Du Preez
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 278–289.

Detection of endotoxins from selected drinking water microbiota using an LAL-based assay and its implications for human health
Harmen Hawer; Rebecca Burmester; Nadine Sonnenberg; Katja Weiß
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 290–295.

An evaluation of properly operated NSF/ANSI-53 Pb certified drinking water filters in Benton Harbor, MI
Jennifer Tully; Michael Schock; Scott Shilling; Valerie Bosscher; Darren Lytle; Stephen Harmon; Christina Bennett-Stamper
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 296–308.

Unveiling the viral escape: Quantification of microfloc-bound viruses in precoagulation and membrane filtration
Midori Yasui; Hiroyuki Katayama
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 309–320.

Risk factors for dental caries: A case study in peatlands and non-peatlands of West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Sri Rezki; Sunardi Sunardi; Dudi Aripin; Khayan Khayan; Pawarti Pawarti; Aisya Rezki Noeriman
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 321–328.

Field study of an arsenic removal plant for drinking water using activated carbon and iron in a rural community in the province of Pisco, Peru
Manuel Chavez; Betsabé Ana Ruffner
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 329–336.

Impact of source water quality on total organic carbon and trihalomethane removal efficiency in a water treatment plant: A case study of Upper Awash, Ethiopia
Emeru Assefa; Anuradha Jabasingh; Eyobel Mulugeta; Meseret Dessalegne; Endale Teju
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 337–349.

Assessment of groundwater quality and human health risk from nitrate contamination using a multivariate statistical analysis
Hemant Raheja; Arun Goel; Mahesh Pal
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 350–366.

Priority setting for global WASH challenges in the age of wastewater-based epidemiological surveillance
Samuel Dorevitch; Abhilasha Shrestha
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 367–371.

Human adenovirus-associated health risk in the recreational waters of the Yal-ku lagoon in the Mexican Caribbean
Cecilia Hernández-Zepeda; Luis Jorge Negrete-Alcalde; Gabriela Rosiles-González; Victor Hugo Carrillo-Jovel; Sarah E. Abney; Walter Q. Betancourt; Charles P. Gerba; Cristóbal Chaidez-Quiroz; Amanda M. Wilson
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 372–384.

Impact of abattoirs and local textile (Adire and Kampala) effluents on Yemoja River in Abeokuta, Nigeria
Emmanuel Sanu Ogundairo; Gbolahan Muyiwa Folarin; Julius Awonusi Awomeso; Adewale Matthew Taiwo
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 385–400.

Detection and quantification of adenovirus, polyomavirus, and papillomavirus in urban sewage
Mohamed N. F. Shaheen; Nehal Ahmed; Kareem Rady Badr; Elmahdy Mohamed Elmahdy
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 401–413.

Assessment of current water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices in the third and ninth districts of N’Djamena, Chad
Daniel Mangueina; Esi Awuah; Mathias Fru Fonteh; Prince Antwi-Agyei; Emmanuel Tao Nadji
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 414–435.

A scoping review of human pathogens detected in untreated human wastewater and sludge
Tricia Corrin; Prakathesh Rabeenthira; Kaitlin M. Young; Gajuna Mathiyalagan; Austyn Baumeister; Kusala Pussegoda; Lisa A. Waddell
J Water Health (2024) 22 (2): 436–449.

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