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Journal of Water and Health, Volume 20, Issue 9, 1 September 2022

Microbial source tracking of fecal contamination in stormwater runoff
Samendra Sherchan; Shalina Shahin; Joshua Alarcon; Hanna Brosky; Collin Potter; Ayokunle Christopher Dada
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1271–1283.

Research needs for optimising wastewater-based epidemiology monitoring for public health protection
Katie Robins; Anne F. C. Leonard; Kata Farkas; David W. Graham; David L. Jones; Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern; Joshua T. Bunce; Jasmine M. S. Grimsley; Matthew J. Wade; Andrew M. Zealand; Shannon McIntyre-Nolan
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1284–1313.

The drinking water crises of Flint and Havelock North: a failure of public health risk management
S. J. McLaren; M. W. Sahli; S. Selig; S. J. Masten; W. H. Page
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1314–1328.

Health impacts of water and sanitation insecurity in the Global North: a scoping literature review for U.S. colonias on the Mexico border
Madeleine Zheng; Amber Wutich; Alexandra Brewis; Stavros Kavouras
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1329–1342.

Contamination level, source identification and health risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in drinking water sources of mining and non-mining areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Zahid Imran Bhatti; Muhammad Ishtiaq; Said Akbar Khan; Javed Nawab; Junaid Ghani; Zahid Ullah; Sardar Khan; Shams Ali Baig; Ihsan Muhammad; Zia Ud Din; Asad Khan
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1343–1363.

Quantitative prediction of toxin-producing Aphanizomenon cyanobacteria in freshwaters using Sentinel-2 satellite imagery
Menik Hitihami M. A. S. V. Gunawardana; Kelum Sanjaya; Keerthi S. S. Atapaththu; Ajith L. W. Y. Yapa Mudiyanselage; Kanaji Masakorala; Shirani M. K. Widana Gamage
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1364–1379.

Health risk assessment of fluoride exposure due to groundwater consumption in Romania
Simona Dobrinas; Alina Soceanu; Natalia Manea; Anca Sirbu; Corina Ionela Dumitrescu; Viorica Popescu; Semaghiul Birghila; Nicoleta Matei; Ionela Carazeanu Popovici
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1380–1392.

Legionella colonisation in hot water systems in care homes from two Danish municipalities
Niss Skov Nilsen; Søren Anker Uldum
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1393–1404.

High occurrence of viable forms of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in domestic sewage from an agricultural region of Brazil
Winni Alves Ladeia; Felippe Danyel Cardoso Martins; Beatriz de Souza Lima Nino; Arielle da Cunha Silvério; Ana Clécia da Silva; Raul Ossada; Douglas Aparecido da Silva; João Luis Garcia; Roberta Lemos Freire
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1405–1415.

Virulence markers, adhesion and biofilm formation of Escherichia coli strains isolated from drinking water supplies of north Paraná State, Brazil
Paulo Alfonso Schüroff; Fernanda Batista Andrade; Jacinta Sanchez Pelayo
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1416–1424.

Elevated water lead levels in schools using water from on-site wells
Scott Latham; Jennifer L. Jennings
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1425–1435.

Tap water quality: in the eye of the beholder
Arnt O. Hopland; Sturla F. Kvamsdal
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1436–1444.

A study on drinking water quality in different income groups of Vizianagaram region of India
M. Kiranmai Reddy; N. Priyanka Priyadarshini; Visakha Singh; K.V.N. Suresh Reddy
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1445–1456.

Water consumption habits of a north-western Turkish community: a cross-sectional study
Unal Ayranci; Merve Sezer Yildiz; Ahmet Demirci
J Water Health (2022) 20 (9): 1457–1468.


Journal of Water and Health, Volume 20, Issue 8, 1 August 2022

Monitoring the exposure and emissions of antibiotic resistance: Co-occurrence of antibiotics and resistance genes in wastewater treatment plants
Ruud Steenbeek; Peer H. A. Timmers; Danielle van der Linde; Kay Hup; Luc Hornstra; Frederic Been
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1157–1170.

Evaluate the effectiveness technology for the treatment of oily wastewater
Meshari Almutairi
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1171–1187.

CFDA-AM staining to assess the metabolic activity of Giardia duodenalis cysts inactivated by chlorine, boiling and ultraviolet irradiation
Maria Júlia Rodrigues da Cunha; Bárbara Luíza Souza Freitas; Natália de Melo Nasser Fava; Lyda Patricia Sabogal-Paz
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1188–1196.

Modeling infection from SARS-CoV-2 wastewater concentrations: promise, limitations, and future directions
Jeffrey Soller; Wiley Jennings; Mary Schoen; Alexandria Boehm; Krista Wigginton; Raul Gonzalez; Katherine E. Graham; Graham McBride; Amy Kirby; Mia Mattioli
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1197–1211.

The first detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in urban wastewater in Giza, Egypt
Mohamed N. F. Shaheen; Elmahdy M. Elmahdy; Yasser E. Shahein
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1212–1222.

Effectiveness of environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 as an early warning system during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review
Susanne Hyllestad; Mette Myrmel; Jose Antonio Baz Lomba; Fredrik Jordhøy; Svanhild Kjørsvik Schipper; Ettore Amato
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1223–1242.

Assessment of microplastic contamination in the urban lower Chao Phraya River of Bangkok city, Thailand
Khattiya Ounjai; Suwanna Kitpati Boontanon; Pitchaya Piyaviriyakul; Shuhei Tanaka; Shigeo Fujii
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1243–1254.

Endocrine-disruptor endpoints in the ovary and thyroid of adult female rats exposed to realistic doses of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate
Amel Jebara; Asma Beltifa; Guissepa Di Bella; Lotfi Mabrouk; Hedi Ben Mansour
J Water Health (2022) 20 (8): 1256–1267.


HRWM SG Open Meeting at IWA WWC Copenhagen

We will have an Open Meeting of HRWM SG at IWA WWC Copenhagen as follow:

September 15, Thursday
10:30 – 12:00
ROOM: 19

Our open meeting will provide an update on our group activities, e.g., our Mini-Symposium Webinar Series, projects, and other initiatives. The members of the MT will update you on the planning of the 21st HRWM Symposium in Darwin in June 2023. Moreover, we will discuss the coming election of the Management Committee. This meeting will be a good opportunity for members to provide their input as we discuss future activities for the group. We are also actively looking for new members, especially from the YWP. Everyone interested in the field of health-related water microbiology will be warmly welcomed to attend the meeting.