Journal of Water and Health, Volume 21, Issue 6, 1 June 2023


Plankton diversity and its heavy metal content in Ratai Bay of Pesawaran district, Lampung, Indonesia
Endang Linirin Widiastuti; A. D. Afifa; T. Tugiyono; S. Umar; D. F. Mumtazah; S. Hadi
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 663–675.

Preparation of hydrogels based on poplar cellulose and their removal efficiency of Cd(II) from aqueous solutions
Fengrong Zhang; Cuilan Zhang; Jia Teng; Dandan Han; Lishun Wu; Wanguo Hou
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 676–686.

Microplastic pollution of drinking water in a metropolis
Serkan Kemal Buyukunal; Ahmet Koluman; Karlo Muratoglu
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 687–701.

Determinants of tap water mistrust among Phoenix, Arizona Latinx adults
Abigail T. Colburn; Matthew P. Buman; Amber Wutich; Sonia Vega-López; Punam Ohri-Vachaspati; Stavros A. Kavouras
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 702–718.

Appraisal of surface–groundwater anthropogenic indicators and associated human health risk in El Sharqia Governorate, Egypt
Abdel Hameed M. El-Aassar; Rasha A. Hussien; Faten A. Mohamed; Selda Oterkus; Erkan Oterkus
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 719–739.

Occurrence of bisphenol A, nonylphenol, octylphenol and heavy metals in groundwater from selected communities in Ibadan, Nigeria
Taiwo Nureni Adebesin; Suraju Adekunle Lateef; Elizabeth Omoladun Oloruntoba; Mumuni Adejumo
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 740–750.

Waterborne exposure during non-consumptive domestic use of surface water: a population study across WASH service levels in rural India
Miles E. Daniels; Ashirbad Pradhan; Mitsunori Odagiri; Marion W. Jenkins
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 751–762.

Do health concerns stemming from personality trait influence the choice of drinking water at home? An analysis of the survey results conducted in the Tokyo area under the COVID-19 pandemic
Koji Suzuki
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 763–770.

Distribution and flux assessment of microplastic debris in the middle and lower Chao Phraya River, Thailand
Poratape Jendanklang; Shettapong Meksumpun; Tanuspong Pokavanich; Chakhrit Ruengsorn; Pattira Kasamesiri
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 771–788.

Low-cost treatment method for organic matter and nutrients in landfill leachate
G. R. Y. Perera; W. K. C. Neetha Dayanthi
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 789–814.

Spatiotemporal distribution and pollution assessment of trace metals in the Buriganga River, Bangladesh
Md. Khadimull Bashar; Kazushi Noro; Qi Wang; Masahiro Tokumura; Ikuko Mori; Mohammad Raknuzzaman; Anwar Hossain; Takashi Amagai
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 815–825.

Burkholderia cepacia-contaminated dentures possibly cause pneumonia
Satoshi Matsumoto; Noriyasu Morikage; Shigeharu Oie
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 826–830.

Respiratory virus concentrations in human excretions that contribute to wastewater: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Sarah A. Lowry; Marlene K. Wolfe; Alexandria B. Boehm
J Water Health (2023) 21 (6): 831–848.

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