View the online publications and issues of the Journal of Water and Health.

Journal of Water and Health is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the dissemination of information on the health implications and control of waterborne microorganisms and chemical substances in the broadest sense for developing and developed countries worldwide. This includes microbial toxins, chemical quality and the aesthetic qualities of water.

Contributions will be published on the health-related aspects of the following areas:

Epidemiology, Risk assessment, Detection and ecology of pathogens in the environment, Water and wastewater treatment, Disinfection
Disinfection by-products, Indicators of water and waste quality, Regulatory issues and standard development, Water quality surveys and assessments, Monitoring, Microbial toxins (including cyanobacteria), Chemical and physical quality of water as it affects health, Endocrine disruptors, Taste and odour, Impacts of water quality on food quality, Impact of climate change on water quality, Water based diseases, Water-based insect vectors of disease, Water policy and health, Health effectiveness of water management

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