Journal of Water and Health, Volume 22 Issue 6, 1 June 2024


Heavy metal contamination in Sungai Petani, Malaysia: a wastewater-based epidemiology study
Iqbal Iman Ruzi; Ahmad Razali Ishak; Muhamad Azwat Abdullah; Nur Nadhirah Mohamad Zain; Abdul Rohim Tualeka; Retno Adriyani; Rafeezul Mohamed; Hisham Atan Edinur; Mohd Yusmaidie Aziz
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 953–966.

A soft-sensor approach for predicting an indicator virus removal efficiency of a pilot-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR)
Syun-suke Kadoya; Yifan Zhu; Rong Chen; Chao Rong; Yuyou Li; Daisuke Sano
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 967–977.

Monitoring SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater from a shared septic system and sub-sewershed sites to expand COVID-19 disease surveillance
A. B. Tanvir Pasha; Nadine Kotlarz; David Holcomb; Stacie Reckling; Judith Kays; Erika Bailey; Virginia Guidry; Ariel Christensen; Steven Berkowitz; Lawrence S. Engel; Francis de los Reyes; Angela Harris
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 978–992.

Different paradigms for dealing with urban water issues, using new technological and governance solutions, learning from Chinese, Indian and European experiences
Meine Pieter van Dijk
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 993–1004.

The complex association between drinking water consumption and endemic gastrointestinal illness as shown by Swedish cohort studies
Melle Säve-Söderbergh; Jonas Toljander; Magnus Simonsson
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1005–1016.

Assessment of microplastics and associated ecological risk in the Hirakud Reservoir, Odisha, India
Kiran Bala Patra; Iswar Baitharu
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1017–1032.

Antibiotic resistance profiles of sentinel bacteria isolated from aquaculture in Cambodia
Chanthol Peng; Sopheavattey Moniroth; Panha Khy; Sopheaktra Chea; Channmuny Thanh; Oudam Heng; Samira Sarter; Sokleaph Cheng; Domenico Caruso
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1033–1043.

Endotoxin, a novel biomarker for the rapid risk assessment of faecal contamination of coastal and transitional waters
Christian R. Good; Alistair White; Joao Brandao; Simon Jackson
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1044–1052.

Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales in wastewater resources and healthy carriers: A survey in Iran
Shabnam Khavandi; Nasrin Habibzadeh; Kamal Hasani; Mehran Sardari; Mohsen Arzanlou
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1053–1063.

Point-of-use chlorine residuals and disinfection byproduct occurrences in rural households served by public water utilities in Appalachian Virginia
Md Rasheduzzaman; Bethesda O’Connell; Leigh-Anne Krometis; Teresa Brown; Alasdair Cohen
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1064–1074.

Dietary risk assessment of drinking water and fish from cultivated wetlands of Ndop
Therese Ncheuveu Nkwatoh; Patricia Bi Asanga Fai; Martin Ngankam Tchamba; Nokenyi Emmanuel Titaku
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1075–1087.

Evaluation of phosphate insecticides and common herbicides: monitoring and risk assessment in water treatment plant, distribution networks, and underground water wells
Ali Akbar Tahmasebi; Zeynab Tabatabaei; Abooalfazl Azhdarpoor; Alireza Salimi Beni
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1088–1101.

Potassium ferrate’s disinfecting ability: a study on human adenovirus, Giardia duodenalis, and microbial indicators under varying pH and water temperature conditions
Laura A. Boczek; Michael W. Ware; Mark R. Rodgers; Hodon Ryu
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1102–1110.

Analysing the interlinkage between diarrhoea and drinking water faecal contamination in India
Gaurav Kapse; Satish Agnihotri; Pankaj Sekhsaria; Murali Sastry
J Water Health (2024) 22 (6): 1111–1124.

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