Journal of Water and Health papers highly cited in 2021


TOP cited in 2021 among papers published in 2019 and 2020:

14 times cited
Chemical disinfectants of COVID-19: an overview
Mohammad Hussein Al-Sayah
J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 843–848.

13 times cited
Pharmaceuticals’ removal by constructed wetlands: a critical evaluation and meta-analysis on performance, risk reduction, and role of physicochemical properties on removal mechanisms
Huma Ilyas; Ilyas Masih; Eric D. van Hullebusch
J Water Health (2020) 18 (3): 253–291.

12 times cited
Factors influencing the relationship between fluoride in drinking water and dental fluorosis: a ten-year systematic review and meta-analysis
M. H. Akuno; G. Nocella; E. P. Milia; L. Gutierrez
J Water Health (2019) 17 (6): 845–862.

9 times cited
Molecular detection of human adenovirus in urban wastewater in Egypt and among children suffering from acute gastroenteritis
Elmahdy M. Elmahdy; Nehal I. Ahmed; Mohamed N. F. Shaheen; EL-Chaimaa B. Mohamed; Samah A. Loutfy
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 287–294.

9 times cited
Turbidity reduction in drinking water by coagulation-flocculation with chitosan polymers
Ampai Soros; James E. Amburgey; Christine E. Stauber; Mark D. Sobsey; Lisa M. Casanova
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 204–218.

TOP cited in 2021 among all JWH papers:

26 times cited
Waterborne transmission of protozoan parasites: A worldwide review of outbreaks and lessons learnt
Panagiotis Karanis; Christina Kourenti; Huw Smith
J Water Health (2007) 5 (1): 1–38.

26 times cited
Safe drinking water and waterborne outbreaks
N. A. Moreira; M. Bondelind
J Water Health (2017) 15 (1): 83–96.

21 times cited
Demonstration and evaluation of germicidal UV-LEDs for point-of-use water disinfection
Christie Chatterley; Karl Linden
J Water Health (2010) 8 (3): 479–486.

18 times cited
Population-based study of intra-household gender differences in water insecurity: reliability and validity of a survey instrument for use in rural Uganda
Alexander C. Tsai; Bernard Kakuhikire; Rumbidzai Mushavi; Dagmar Vořechovská; Jessica M. Perkins; Amy Q. McDonough; David R. Bangsberg
J Water Health (2016) 14 (2): 280–292.

17 times cited
Surveillance of Influenza A and the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in sewage and surface water in the Netherlands
Leo Heijnen; Gertjan Medema
J Water Health (2011) 9 (3): 434–442.

Counted by Dr. Mohan AMARASIRI, Kitasato University, Japan, based on Web of Science on Jan. 25, 2022.

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