Journal of Water and Health, Volume 19, Issue 6, 1 December 2021


Antibiotic resistance genes in an urban stream before and after a state fair
Kassidy O’Malley; Patrick McNamara; Walter McDonald
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 885–894.

Short-term exposure to benzalkonium chloride in bacteria from activated sludge alters the community diversity and the antibiotic resistance profile
Luz Chacón; Maria Arias-Andres; Freylan Mena; Luis Rivera; Lorena Hernández; Rosario Achi; Fernando Garcia; Keilor Rojas-Jimenez
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 895–906.

Rapid detection of mcyG gene of microcystins producing cyanobacteria in water samples by recombinase polymerase amplification combined with lateral flow strips
Jingjing Li; Mingbao Feng; Xin Yu
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 907–917.

Systematic review of the relative concentrations of noroviruses and fecal indicator bacteria in wastewater: considerations for use in quantitative microbial risk assessment
Zelfa Hamadieh; Kerry A. Hamilton; Andrea I. Silverman
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 918–932.

Assessment of radiation dose hazards caused by radon and its progenies in tap water by the human dosimetric model
Jinlong Yong; Qian Liu; Baoshan Wu; Youhua Hu; Guangwen Feng
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 933–945.

Seasonal and gender impacts on fecal exposure trends in an urban slum
Min-Li Chua; Md. Nazmul Ahsan; Akira Sakai; Shigeo Fujii; Shotaro Goto; Michiya Kodera; Hidenori Harada
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 946–958.

Evaluating water quality using social media and federal agency data
Lixia He Lambert; Courtney Bir
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 959–974.

Microbial water quality at contrasting recreational areas in a mixed-use watershed in eastern Canada
Ainslie J. Butler; Katarina Pintar; Janis L. Thomas; Manon Fleury; Stefanie Kadykalo; Kim Ziebell; John Nash; David Lapen
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 975–989.

Diversity and health risk potentials of the Enterococcus population in tropical coastal water impacted by Hurricane Lane
Prakit Saingam; Doris Y. W. Di; Tao Yan
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 990–1001.

Knowledge on and preventive practices of cholera in Al-Mahweet – Yemen, 2018: a cross-sectional study
Fekri Dureab; Yasameen Al-Qadasi; Hani Nasr; Marwah Al-Zumair; Taha Al-Mahbashi
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 1002–1013.

Demographic differences in use of household tap water in a representative sample of US adults, FallStyles 2019
Kayla Vanden Esschert; Catherine E. Barrett; Sarah A. Collier; Amanda G. Garcia-Williams; Elizabeth Hannapel; Jonathan S. Yoder; Katharine M. Benedict
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 1014–1020.

Variants of ctxB alleles of Vibrio cholerae O1 caused sequential cholera outbreaks in the tribal areas of Odisha, India
Bibhuti Bhusan Pal; Smruti Ranjan Nayak; Ashish Kumar Nayak; Dipti Ranjan Behera; Swatishree Pany; Sanghamitra Pati
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 1021–1029.

Examination of the Cameroon DHS data to investigate how water access and sanitation services are related to diarrhea and nutrition among infants and toddlers in rural households
Jigna M. Dharod; Carole Debora Nounkeu; Lauren Paynter; Jeffrey D. Labban; Lauren R. Sastre
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 1030–1038.

Corrigendum: Journal of Water and Health 18 (5), 704–720: An investigation of the possible scenarios for the optimal locating of quality sensors in the water distribution networks with uncertain contamination, Hamideh Jafari, Taher Rajaee and Sara Nazif, doi: 10.2166/wh.2020.099
Sara Nazif
J Water Health (2021) 19 (6): 1039.

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