Journal of Water and Health, Volume 20, Issue 1, 1 January 2022


Evaluating the impact of free private well testing outreach on participants’ private well stewardship in New Jersey
Alecia Seliga; Steven E. Spayd; Nicholas A. Procopio; Sara V. Flanagan; Jessie A. Gleason
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 1–11.

Water, sanitation, and hygiene services in health care facilities in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia
Sanja Bijelović; Valentina Grossi; Enkhtsetseg Shinee; Oliver Schmoll; Dragana Jovanović; Katarina Paunović; Nataša Dragić; Radmila Velicki
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 12–22.

Lacustrine, wastewater, interstitial and fluvial water quality in the Southern Lake Baikal region
Valerii V. Malnik; Masumi Yamamuro; Irina V. Tomberg; Elena V. Molozhnikova; Yuri S. Bukin; Oleg A. Timoshkin
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 23–40.

Public toilets from the perspective of users: a case study in a public place, Brazil
Fernanda Deister Moreira; Sonaly Rezende; Fabiana Passos
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 41–53.

Acanthamoeba species isolated from marine water in Malaysia exhibit distinct genotypes and variable physiological properties
Rosnani Hanim Mohd Hussain; Mohamed Kamel Abdul Ghani; Naveed Ahmed Khan; Ruqaiyyah Siddiqui; Tengku Shahrul Anuar
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 54–67.

Determinants of hand-hygiene practices in India: reflections from the 76th round National Sample Survey, 2018
Sonali Smriti Biswas; Ranjan Karmakar
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 68–82.

SARS-CoV-2 surrogate (Phi6) environmental persistence within free-living amoebae
Rafik Dey; Elena Dlusskaya; Nicholas J. Ashbolt
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 83–91.

Disinfection of therapeutic water – balancing risks against benefits: case study of Hungarian therapeutic baths on the effects of technological steps and disinfection on therapeutic waters
Dóra Gere; Eszter Róka; Norbert Erdélyi; Zsuzsanna Bufa-Dőrr; Gyula Záray; Márta Vargha
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 92–102.

Retrospective epidemiological analysis of SARS-CoV-2 wastewater surveillance and case notifications data – New South Wales, Australia, 2020
H. S. Camphor; S. Nielsen; Z. Bradford-Hartke; K. Wall; R. Broome
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 103–113.

Detection and abundance of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater in Liechtenstein, and the estimation of prevalence and impact of the B.1.1.7 variant
R. Markt; L. Endler; F. Amman; A. Schedl; T. Penz; M. Büchel-Marxer; D. Grünbacher; M. Mayr; E. Peer; M. Pedrazzini … Show more
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 114–125.

Absence of virological and epidemiological evidence that SARS-CoV-2 poses COVID-19 risks from environmental fecal waste, wastewater and water exposures
Mark D. Sobsey
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 126–138.

Water use behaviors and water access in intermittent and continuous water supply areas during the COVID-19 pandemic
Emily Kumpel; Nayaran Billava; Nayanatara Nayak; Ayse Ercumen
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 139–148.

Water sanitation, hygiene and the prevalence of diarrhea in the rural areas of the delta region of Myanmar
Shane Htet Ko; Hiroshi Sakai
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 149–156.

Evaluation of an alternative household water treatment system based on slow filtration and solar disinfection
Guilherme Otávio Rosa e Silva; Helen Oliveira Loureiro; Laura Guimarães Soares; Laura Hamdan de Andrade; Rana Gabriela Lacerda Santos
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 157–166.

Indications of recent warm and dry summers’ impact on private wells for drinking-water supply in Germany: a review of press articles
B. Rickert; A. Görnt; L. Vogelsang; A. S. Ruhl
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 167–175.

Association of exopolysaccharide genes in biofilm developing antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa from hospital wastewater
M. Divyashree; Madhu K. Mani; Indrani Karunasagar
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 176–184.

Cleanliness preference behind the choice of drinking water at home: an analysis of online survey results in the Tokyo area
Koji Suzuki
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 185–192.

Survey and first report of Acanthamoeba T4 genotype in natural spring water resources in the Black Sea, Turkey
Ulku Karaman; Zeynep Koloren; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 193–204.

Persistence of fecal indicator bacteria and associated genetic markers from wastewater treatment plant effluents in freshwater microcosms
Eunice C. Chern; Larry Wymer; Kristen Brenner; Kevin Oshima; Richard A. Haugland
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 205–215.

Propranolol degradation through processes based on the generation of hydroxyl free radical
Hugo Alejandro Nájera-Aguilar; Rosario Mayorga-Santis; Rubén Fernando Gutiérrez-Hernández; Antonio Santiesteban-Hernández; Francisco J. Rodríguez-Valadez; Diego Alberto Ulloa-Gutiérrez; Juan Antonio Araiza-Aguilar; Abumalé Cruz-Salomón
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 216–226.

Potential health concerns due to elevated nitrate concentrations in groundwater of villages of Vadodara and Chhota Udaipur districts of Gujarat, India
Smruti V. Patel; Nitasha Khatri; Paresh Chavda; Ashutosh K. Jha
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 227–245.

The devil is in the details: emerging insights on the relevance of wastewater surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 to public health
Steve E. Hrudey; Bernadette Conant
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 246–270.

Microbial contamination of hands with or without the use of bidet toilets (electric toilet seats with water spray) after defecation
Shigeharu Oie; Shinya Kawai
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 271–275.

Retraction: Journal of Water and Health: Detection of virulence genes of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli strains from drinking water in Khartoum State, Ehssan H. Moglad, Omima Abdl El Jalil Adam, Maram M. Alnosh and Hisham N. Altayb, doi: 10.2166/wh.2020.097
J Water Health (2022) 20 (1): 276.

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