Journal of Water and Health, Volume 19, Issue 4, 1 August 2021


Cryptosporidium spp. infections in livestock and wild animals in Azerbaijan territory
S. Mamedova; P. Karanis
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 545–562.

Current report on the prevalence of free-living amoebae (FLA) in natural hot springs: a systematic review
Mary Rachael Leigh Fabros; Xyleen Rianne Shae Diesta; John Anthony Oronan; Kim Sofia Verdejo; Joe-Anna Sheilla Marie Garcia; Ma. Sophia Romey; Giovanni De Jesus Milanez
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 563–574.

Microbial faecal pollution of river water in a watershed of tropical Ethiopian highlands is driven by diffuse pollution sources
Douglas Mushi; Geda Kebede; Rita B. Linke; Aschalew Lakew; Daniel S. Hayes; Wolfram Graf; Andreas H. Farnleitner
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 575–591.

Lentic and effluent water of Delhi-NCR: a reservoir of multidrug-resistant bacteria harbouring blaCTX-M, blaTEM and blaSHV type ESBL genes
Asghar Ali; Insha Sultan; Aftab Hossain Mondal; Mohammad Tahir Siddiqui; Firdoos Ahmad Gogry; Qazi Mohd. Rizwanul Haq
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 592–603.

Genomic detection of waterborne enteric viruses as water quality indicators in Al-Zarqa River, Jordan
Ismail Saadoun; Qutaiba Ababneh; Ziad Jaradat
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 604–615.

Trends of potential waterborne diseases at different health facilities in Bamboutos Division, West Region, Cameroon: a retrospective appraisal of routine data from 2013 to 2017
Lontuo-Fogang Robertine; Vincent Khan Payne; Ntangmo Tsafack Honorine; Souleman Mounchili; Matango Murielle Saturine; Bup Rita Manjuh; Ngouyamsa Nsapkain Aboubakar; Bamou Roland
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 616–628.

Pathogen performance testing of a natural swimming pool using a cocktail of microbiological surrogates and QMRA-derived management goals
David C. Shoults; Qiaozhi Li; Susan Petterson; Sydney P. Rudko; Lena Dlusskaya; Mats Leifels; Candis Scott; Cyndi Schlosser; Nicholas J. Ashbolt
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 629–641.

Solar disinfection of turbid hygiene waters in Lexington, KY, USA
Atena Amirsoleimani; Gail M. Brion
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 642–656.

Detection of potentially pathogenic Arcobacter spp. in Bangkok canals and the Chao Phraya River
Noriko Tomioka; Wilasinee Yoochatchaval; Yasuyuki Takemura; Norihisa Matsuura; Tsuyoshi Danshita; Pornpawee Srisang; Noppamas Mungjomklang; Kazuaki Syutsubo
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 657–670.

Evaluation of hydration status during the COVID-19 pandemic: a study of Turkish young adults
Nursel Sahin; Senay Catak; Gamze Akbulut
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 671–681.

Quality of water for reprocessing of medical devices in healthcare facilities in Nepal
Gopal Panta; Ann K. Richardson; Ian C. Shaw
J Water Health (2021) 19 (4): 682–686.

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