Journal of Water and Health, Aug. 15, Vol. 15, No. 4


Waterborne disease outbreak detection: an integrated approach using health administrative databases
S. Coly; N. Vincent; E. Vaissiere; M. Charras-Garrido; A. Gallay; C. Ducrot; D. Mouly

A method for incorporating a time-dose-response model into a Giardia lambliaoutbreak
Bidya Prasad; Michael O. Ryan; Charles N. Haas

Comparison of droplet digital PCR and quantitative PCR for the detection of Salmonella and its application for river sediments
Gulshan Singh; Ayanda Sithebe; Abimbola M. Enitan; Sheena Kumari; Faizal Bux; Thor Axel Stenström

Influence of environmental variables on saxitoxin yields by Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii in a mesotrophic subtropical reservoir
Simone Pereira Casali; André Cordeiro Alves Dos Santos; Patrícia Bortoletto de Falco; Maria do Carmo Calijuri

Culture-independent methods reveal high diversity of OXA-48-like genes in water environments
Marta Tacão; Isabel Silva; Isabel Henriques

Modeling caffeine adsorption by multi-walled carbon nanotubes using multiple polynomial regression with interaction effects
Mehdi Bahrami; Mohammad Javad Amiri; Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi; Sara Koochaki

An optical method for characterizing carbon content in ceramic pot filters
J. Y. Goodwin; A. C. Elmore; C. Salvinelli; Mary R. Reidmeyer

Modeling effect of cover condition and soil type on rotavirus transport in surface flow
Rabin Bhattarai; Paul C. Davidson; Prasanta K. Kalita; Mark S. Kuhlenschmidt

Bentonite and montmorillonite nanoparticles effectiveness in removal of fluoride from water solutions
Ali Naghizadeh; Khadijeh Gholami

Multiresistant opportunistic pathogenic bacteria isolated from polluted rivers and first detection of nontuberculous mycobacteria in the Algerian aquatic environment
Lydia Neïla Djouadi; Okba Selama; Ahmed Abderrahmani; Amel Bouanane-Darenfed; Lamia Abdellaziz; Meriam Amziane; Marie-Laure Fardeau; Farida Nateche

Tracking the downstream impacts of inadequate sanitation in central Appalachia
Jacob Cantor; Leigh-Anne Krometis; Emily Sarver; Nicholas Cook; Brian Badgley

Radioactivity and hydrochemical properties of certain thermal Turkish spa waters
Muazzez Çelik Karakaya; Mahmut Doğru; Necati Karakaya; Fatih Kuluöztürk; Mahmut Tahir Nalbantçılar

The risk of cancer as a result of elevated levels of nitrate in drinking water and vegetables in Central India
Pinky Taneja; Pawan Labhasetwar; Pranav Nagarnaik; Jeroen H. J. Ensink

Water, sanitation and hygiene practice and associated factors among HIV infected people in Arba Minch town, Southern Ethiopia
Desta Haftu; Gebrekiros Gebremichael; Desalegn Ajema; Genet Gedamu; Eskezyiaw Agedew

Verification of an alternative sludge treatment process for pathogen reduction at two wastewater treatment plants in Victoria, Australia
R. Irwin; A. Surapaneni; D. Smith; J. Schmidt; H. Rigby; S. R. Smith

Staphylococcus aureus isolated from wastewater treatment plants in Tunisia: occurrence of human and animal associated lineages
Meriam Ben Said; Mohamed Salah Abbassi; Paula Gómez; Laura Ruiz-Ripa; Senda Sghaier; Chourouk Ibrahim; CarmenTorres; Abdennaceur Hassen

Hydrochemical and multivariate analysis of groundwater quality in the northwest of Sinai, Egypt
M. F. El-Shahat; M. A. Sadek; W. M. Salem; A. A. Embaby; F. A. Mohamed

Modelling spatio-temporal heterogeneities in groundwater quality in Ghana: a multivariate chemometric approach
Frederick Ato Armah; Arnold Paintsil; David Oscar Yawson; Michael Osei Adu; Justice O. Odoi

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