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Journal of Water and Health
June 2017; Vol. 15, No. 3

Measuring sporadic gastrointestinal illness associated with drinking water – an overview of methodologies
John Bylund; Jonas Toljander; Maria Lysén; Niloofar Rasti; Jannes Engqvist; Magnus Simonsson

Polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane incorporated with Ag-SiO2 nanohybrid for effective fouling control
Huiqing Wu; Jing Huang; Yuejun Liu

Comparison of MI, Chromocult® coliform, and Compass CC chromogenic culture-based methods to detect Escherichia coli and total coliforms in water using 16S rRNA sequencing for colony identification
Andrée F. Maheux; Sébastien Bouchard; Ève Bérubé; Michel G. Bergeron

Effects of drinking desalinated seawater on cell viability and proliferation
Camila Longhi Macarrão; André Luis Lacerda Bachi; Mario Mariano; Lucia Jamli Abel

Effect of trihalomethanes (chloroform and bromoform) on human haematological count
Asna Lodhi; Imran Hashmi; Habib Nasir; Romana Khan

Removals of cryptosporidium parvum oocysts and cryptosporidium-sized polystyrene microspheres from swimming pool water by diatomaceous earth filtration and perlite-sand filtration
Ping Lu; James E. Amburgey; Vincent R. Hill; Jennifer L. Murphy; Chandra L. Schneeberger; Michael J. Arrowood; Tao Yuan

From urban municipalities to polar bioremediation: the characterisation and contribution of biogenic minerals for water treatment
Benjamin L. Freidman; Kathy A. Northcott; Peta Thiel; Sally L. Gras; Ian Snape; Geoff W. Stevens; Kathryn A. Mumford

Occurrence of Legionella in showers at recreational facilities
Patrizia De Filippis; Cinzia Mozzetti; Massimo Amicosante; Gian Loreto D’Alò; Alessandra Messina; Donatella Varrenti; Roberto Giammattei; Floriana Di Giorgio; Stefania Corradi; Alberto D’Auria; Roberta Fraietta; Rosanna Gabrieli

Microbiological quality of ice and ice machines used in food establishments
Hamparsun Hampikyan; Enver Baris Bingol; Omer Cetin; Hilal Colak

Application of long amplicon propidium monoazide-PCR to assess the effects of temperature and background microbiota on pathogens in river water
Avid Banihashemi; Michele I. Van Dyke; Peter M. Huck

Ingestion of swimming pool water by recreational swimmers
A. P. Dufour; T. D. Behymer; R. Cantú; M. Magnuson; L. J. Wymer

Mortality from selected diseases that can be transmitted by water – United States, 2003–2009
J. W. Gargano; E. A. Adam; S. A. Collier; K. E. Fullerton; S. J. Feinman; M. J. Beach

Predicting water filter and bottled water use in Appalachia: a community-scale case study
Jonas G. Levêque; Robert C. Burns

Comparative study of physico-chemical parameters of drinking water from some longevity and non-longevity areas of China
Yajun Du; Kunli Luo; Rahib Hussain

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