Journal of Water and Health, October 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 5


OPEN ACCESS!!! COVID-19: urgent actions, critical reflections and future relevance of ‘WaSH’: lessons for the current and future pandemics
Guy Howard; Jamie Bartram; Clarissa Brocklehurst; John M. Colford, Jr; Federico Costa; David Cunliffe; Robert Dreibelbis; Joseph Neil Spindel Eisenberg; Barbara Evans; Rosina Girones Steve Hrudey; Juliet Willetts; Caradee Y. Wright
J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 613–630.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Quality change mechanism and drinking safety of repeatedly-boiled water and prolonged-boil water: a comparative study
Yuanzheng Zhai; Jingwen Yang; Yaguang Zhu; Qingqing Du; Wenzhen Yuan; Hong Lu
J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 631–653.

Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in drinking water fountains in urban parks
Geyse A. C. Santos; Milena Dropa; Solange M. Rocha; Francisca A. S. Peternella; Maria Tereza Pepe Razzolini J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 654–664.

Bacterial community evolution along full-scale municipal wastewater treatment processes
Lei Zhang; Yanan Cheng; Chang Qian; Wenxuan Lu J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 665–680.

Evaluation of bottled water quality by determining nitrate concentration
María Susana Fortunato; Ana Julieta González; María Florencia Tellechea; Mariano Humberto Reynoso; Favia Vallejos; Andrea Natalia Donaire; Sonia Edith Korol; Alfredo Gallego J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 681–691.

Water safety in drought: an indigenous knowledge-based qualitative study
Azadeh Fatehpanah; Katayoun Jahangiri; Seyed Hesam Seyedin; Amir Kavousi; Hossein Malekinezhad J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 692–703.

An investigation of the possible scenarios for the optimal locating of quality sensors in the water distribution networks with uncertain contamination
Hamideh Jafari; Taher Rajaee; Sara Nazif J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 704–721.

Water desalination, serum magnesium and dementia: a population-based study
Sara Ben Zaken; Or Simantov; Avraham Abenstein; Zorian Radomysky; Gideon Koren J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 722–727.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Inorganic contaminants in Canadian First Nation community water systems
Kaycie Lane; Benjamin F. Trueman; Javier Locsin; Graham A. Gagnon J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 728–740.

Variability of water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions and the potential infection risk following cesarean delivery in rural Rwanda
Katharine Ann Robb; Caste Habiyakare; Fredrick Kateera; Theoneste Nkurunziza; Leila Dusabe; Marthe Kubwimana; Brittany Powell; Rachel Koch; Magdalena Gruendl; Patient Ngamije Robert Riviello; Bethany Hedt-Gauthier J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 741–752.

Prevalence, antibiotic resistance and virulence of Enterococcus spp. from wastewater treatment plant effluent and receiving waters in South Africa
L. G. Molale-Tom; C. C. Bezuidenhout J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 753–765.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Impact of wave action and rainfall on incidence and antibiotic resistance of total coliforms in Southern California beaches
Rebecca Hernandez; Ismael Acedo; Jesse G. Dillon J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 766–775.

Molecular detection of Acanthamoeba spp. in Seven Crater Lakes of Laguna, Philippines
Lea D. Ballares; Frederick R. Masangkay; Joseph Dionisio; Oliver Villaflores; Maria Ruth Pineda-Cortel; Giovanni D. Milanez J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 776–784.

Trends in access to water and sanitation in Malawi: progress and inequalities (1992–2017)
Alexandra Cassivi; Elizabeth Tilley; E. O. D. Waygood; Caetano Dorea J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 785–797.

Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) factors associated with growth between birth and 1 year of age in children in Soweto, South Africa: results from the Soweto Baby WASH study
D. J. Momberg; L. E. Voth-Gaeddert; B. C. Ngandu; L. Richter; J. May; S. A. Norris; R. Said-Mohamed J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 798–819.

Molecular detection of opportunistic pathogens and insights into microbial diversity in private well water and premise plumbing
Jia Xue; Bowen Zhang; Jennifer Lamori; Kinjal Shah; Jovanny Zabaleta; Jone Garai; Christopher M. Taylor; Samendra P. Sherchan J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 820–834.

Association between concentrations of chromium in drinking water and mortality due to suicide in Alabama
Caitlyn C. Whitaker; Marshall E. Cates; Danielle L. Cruthirds; Gregory S. Gorman J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 835–842.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Chemical disinfectants of COVID-19: an overview
Mohammad Hussein Al-Sayah
J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 843–848.

Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-positive Escherichia coli presence in urban aquatic environments in Kanpur, India
Ann Johnson; Olivia Ginn; Aaron Bivins; Lucas Rocha-Melogno; Sachchida Nand Tripathi; Joe Brown
J Water Health (2020) 18 (5): 849–854.

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