Journal of Water and Health, Volume 19, Issue 2, 1 April 2021


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J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): iii–iv.

Irrigation water quality and its impact on the physicochemical and microbiological contamination of vegetables produced from market gardening: a case of the Vea Irrigation Dam, U.E.R., Ghana
Nang Biyogue Douti ; Ebenezer Ebo Yahans Amuah ; Samuel Kojo Abanyie ; Prince Amanin-Ennin
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 203–215.

Characterization of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains in sewage treatment plants in Tehran, Iran
Fateh Rahimi ; Mohammad Katouli ; Mohammad R. Pourshafie
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 216–228.

A modified slow sand filtration system of epikarst spring water in karst mountainous areas, China
Yuewen Zhao ; Xiuyan Wang ; Juan Yang ; Changli Liu ; Shuaiwei Wang
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 229–241.

Sea water whirlpool spa as a source of Legionella infection
Dijana Tomic Linsak ; Darja Kese ; Dalibor Broznic ; Darija Vukic Lusic ; Arijana Cenov ; Milan Moric ; Ivana Gobin
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 242–253.

Hybrid modeling and prediction of oyster norovirus outbreaks
Shima Shamkhali Chenar ; Zhiqiang Deng
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 254–266.

The effect of different drinking water in culture medium on feces microbiota diversity
Kun Zhou; Weili Liu; Zhaoli Chen; Dong Yang; Zhigang Qiu; Hua Feng; Chao Li; Min Jin; Junwen Li; Qunying Xu Zhiqiang Shen
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 267–277.

Detection of potentially pathogenic free-living amoebae from the Caspian Sea and hospital ward dust of teaching hospitals in Guilan, Iran
Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi ; Nozhat Zebardast ; Frederick R. Masangkay ; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 278–287.

Risk analysis for groundwater intake in an old mining shaft with increased chloride content, Upper Silesia, Southern Poland
Beata Kończak ; Ewa Janson
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 288–305.

Evaluation of the drinking water quality surveillance system in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro
Clarissa Perez Faria ; Ricardo Almendra ; Gisele Silva Dias ; Paula Santana ; Maria do Céu Sousa ; Marcelo Bessa de Freitas
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 306–321.

Detection of enteric bacteria in two groundwater sources and associated microbial health risks
Adewale O. Olalemi ; Oluwasegun M. Ige ; Grace A. James ; Favour I. Obasoro ; Favour O. Okoko ; Christiana O. Ogunleye
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 322–335.

Nature of sorption of trivalent arsenic on novel iron oxyhydroxide stabilized starch/OMMT composite: A mechanistic approach
P. Gogoi ; M. Das ; P. Begum ; T. K. Maji
J Water Health (2021) 19 (2): 336–350.

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