Journal of Water and Health, Volume 20, Issue 4, 1 April 2022


Climate variability, water supply, sanitation and diarrhea among children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel analysis
Donald Njatang Kemajou
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 589–600.

Antibiotic resistance pattern and molecular detection of ESBL-associated genes in E. coli from surface and wastewater of Islamabad capital territory, Pakistan
Aitezaz Ahsan; Tariq Atta Ur Rehman; Hamid Irshad; Muhammad Armaghan Shahzad; Abubakar Siddique; Asma Jamil; Adnan Ali
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 601–609.

Assessing the drinking water quality in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from 2014 to 2018
X. Wang; X. Q. Xu; C. H. Gao; L. H. Li; Y. Liu; N. Zhang; Y. Xia; X. Fang; X. G. Zhang
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 610–619.

Isolation and identification of potentially pathogenic free-living amoeba in drinking, surface, and stagnant water sources from Alborz Province, Iran
Ehsan Javanmard; Maryam Niyyati; Ali Taghipour; Marziye Fatemi; Hamed Mirjalali; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 620–629.

Enrichment of drinking water with Ca and Mg by a fluidized bed recarbonization reactor: a case study of Devičie, Slovak Republic
Stanislav Rapant; Veronika Cvečková; Patrik Čermák
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 630–640.

Water quality modelling and quantitative microbial risk assessment for uMsunduzi River in South Africa
Zesizwe Ngubane; Viktor Bergion; Bloodless Dzwairo; Karin Troell; Isaac Dennis Amoah; Thor Axel Stenström; Ekaterina Sokolova
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 641–656.

Occurrence of Naegleria fowleri and faecal indicators in sediments from Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana
Shalina A. Shahin; Joshua H. Alarcon; Hanna N. Brosky; Jennifer G. Lamori; Ayokunle C. Dada; Jia Xue; Pradip Gyawali; Samendra P. Sherchan
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 657–669.

Resistome characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli isolated from wastewater treatment utilities in Oregon
Maeghan Easler; Clinton Cheney; Jared D. Johnson; Marjan Khorshidi Zadeh; Jacquelynn N. Nguyen; Sue Yee Yiu; Joy Waite-Cusic; Tyler S. Radniecki; Tala Navab-Daneshmand
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 670–679.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Greater Cairo water supply systems
Mahmoud M. Fouad; Ahmed S. El-Gendy; Mostafa M. H. Khalil; Taha M. A. Razek
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 680–691.

Antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from hospital wastewater in the Czech Republic
Nikola Roulová; Petra Mot’ková; Iveta Brožková; Marcela Pejchalová
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 692–701.

Characterization of reported legionellosis outbreaks associated with buildings served by public drinking water systems: United States, 2001–2017
Hannah Holsinger; Nicole Tucker; Stig Regli; Kirsten Studer; Virginia A. Roberts; Sarah Collier; Elizabeth Hannapel; Chris Edens; Jonathan S. Yoder; Kenneth Rotert
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 702–711.

Monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: what normalisation for improved understanding of epidemic trends?
Charlotte Sakarovitch; Olivier Schlosser; Sophie Courtois; Cécile Proust-Lima; Joanne Couallier; Agnès Pétrau; Xavier Litrico; Jean-François Loret
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 712–726.

Development of a qPCR assay for the detection of naturalized wastewater E. coli strains
Shuai Zhi; Graham Banting; Norman F. Neumann
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 727–736.

Water quality of springs and lakes in the Kumaon Lesser Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand, India
Monika Chhimwal; Simran Kaur; Rajeev Kumar Srivastava; Dharma Hagare; Halkurike Jayadevaish Shiva Prasad
J Water Health (2022) 20 (4): 737–754.

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