Journal of Water and Health, December 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 6


Editorial: bacterial antibiotic resistance in the water environment
Gary Toranzos; Maronel Steyn; Tasha Santiago-Rodriguez; Daisuke Sano
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 855–857.

Updated research agenda for water, sanitation and antimicrobial resistance
Daisuke Sano; Astrid Louise Wester; Heike Schmitt; Mohan Amarasiri; Amy Kirby; Kate Medlicott; Ana Maria de Roda Husman
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 858–866.

High-throughput profiling of antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater: comparison between a pond system in Namibia and an activated sludge treatment in Germany
Shelesh Agrawal; Laura Orschler; Jochen Sinn; Susanne Lackner
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 867–878.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Fate and seasonal change of Escherichia coli resistant to different antibiotic classes at each stage of conventional activated sludge process
Ryo Honda; Chihiro Tachi; Mana Noguchi; Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto; Toru Watanabe
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 879–889.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Antibiotic-resistant staphylococci from the wastewater treatment plant and grey-water samples in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Tomiwa Olumide Adesoji; Beverly Egyir; Adebayo Osagie Shittu
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 890–898.

Prevalence of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli and carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in treated wastewater: a comparison with nosocomial infection surveillance
Taro Urase; Mitsuhiro Okazaki; Hirofumi Tsutsui
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 899–910.

Incidence of enterococci resistant to clinically relevant antibiotics in environmental waters and in reclaimed waters used for irrigation
Silvia Monteiro; Ricardo Santos
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 911–924.

Antimicrobial resistance screening and profiles: a glimpse from the South African perspective
B. Genthe; L. Ndlela; T. Madlala
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 925–936.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Detection of Shiga toxin-encoding genes in small community water supplies
Melitza Crespo-Medina; Isabel Greaves; Paul R. Hunter; Harvey Minnigh; Graciela Ramírez-Toro
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 937–945.

Human water contact patterns in active schistosomiasis endemic areas
O. G. Oso; A. B. Odaibo
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 946–955.

Determination of log removal values of bacteria by spiral-wound reverse osmosis modules and a hollow fiber ultrafiltration module using Escherichia coli and indigenous heterotrophic bacteria as indicators
Yumiko Ohkouchi; Tomonobu Ase
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 956–967.

Cost-benefit analysis of point-of-use devices for health risks reduction from pathogens in drinking water
Marc Verhougstraete; Kelly A. Reynolds; Jennifer Pearce-Walker; Charles Gerba
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 968–982.

Occurrence of Cyanobacteria and microcystins in hydroelectric reservoirs used for fish farming
Maria Fernanda Falcone-Dias; Marianna Vaz Rodrigues; Jeppe Lund Nielsen; Nadieh de Jonge; Niels O. G. Jørgensen; Diego Peres Alonso; Gianmarco S. David; Reinaldo José da Silva; João Pessoa Araújo Júnior
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 983–994.

Identification and inactivation of Gordonia, a new chlorine-resistant bacterium isolated from a drinking water distribution system
Nannan Lu; Shaohua Sun; Fumin Chu; Mingquan Wang; Qinghua Zhao; Jinmiao Shi; Ruibao Jia
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 995–1008.

Laboratory efficacy of surface disinfection using chlorine against Vibrio cholerae
Gabrielle M. String; Eduardo Vargas Gutiérrez; Daniele S. Lantagne
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1009–1019.

Microbiological investigations of two thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary. Report: effect of bathing and pool operation type on water quality
Anett Lippai; Rózsa Farkas; Sára Szuróczki; Attila Szabó; Tamás Felföldi; Marwene Toumi; Erika Tóth
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1020–1032.

Groundwater chemistry and health risks associated with nitrate intake in Hailun, northeast China
Tian Hui; Sun Qifa; Kang Zhuang; Li Xuguang; Du Jizhong; Jin Hongtao
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1033–1049.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Heavy metal assessment in drinking waters of Ecuador: Quito, Ibarra and Guayaquil
Isabel Cipriani-Avila; Jon Molinero; Eliza Jara-Negrete; Miren Barrado; César Arcos; Santiago Mafla; Fernando Custode; Gissela Vilaña; Natalia Carpintero; Valeria Ochoa-Herrera
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1050–1064.

Monitoring of rotavirus in treated wastewater in Tehran with a monthly interval, in 2017–2018
Shadi Tavakoli Nick; Seyed Reza Mohebbi; Seyed Masoud Hosseini; Hamed Mirjalali; Masoud Alebouyeh
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1065–1072.

Groundwater quality and non-carcinogenic health risk assessment of nitrate in the semi-arid region of Punjab, India
Akshay Kumar Chaudhry; Payal Sachdeva
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1073–1083.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Compliance with a boil water advisory after the contamination of a municipal drinking water supply system in Norway
Kristian Franer; Hinta Meijerink; Susanne Hyllestad
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1084–1090.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Molecular detection of beta-lactamase blaCTX-M group 1 in Escherichia coli isolated from drinking water in Khartoum State
Hisham N. Altayb; Eman Khalid Salih; Ehssan H. Moglad
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1091–1097.

Household water quality in areas irrigated with wastewater in the Mezquital Valley, Mexico
Nallely Vázquez-Salvador; Miguel Atl Silva-Magaña; Marco Antonio Tapia-Palacios; Manuel Mora-López; Eunice Félix-Arellano; Sandra Rodríguez-Dozál; Horacio Riojas-Rodríguez; Marisa Mazari-Hiriart
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1098–1109.

OPEN ACCESS!!! Exploring the impact of soil and water salinity on dietary behavior and health risk of coastal communities in Bangladesh
Suvasish Das Shuvo; Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid; Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman; Rashida Parvin
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1110–1123.

Evaluation of bacterial contamination and mutagenic potential of treated wastewater from Al-Samra wastewater treatment plant in Jordan
Nisreen A. AL-Quraan; Lubna I. Abu-Rub; Abdel-Kareem Sallal
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1124–1138.

Isolation and identification of free-living amoebae isolated from well water in Istanbul
Miray Üstüntürk-Onan
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1139–1145.

Microbiological evaluation of constructed wetlands and solar disinfection in wastewater treatment and reuse
Vinícius B. Santos; Beatriz S. Machado; Alexandre Atalla; Priscila S. Cavalheri; Fernando J. C. Magalhães Filho
J Water Health (2020) 18 (6): 1146–1153.

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