Journal of Water and Health, June 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 3


Pharmaceuticals’ removal by constructed wetlands: a critical evaluation and meta-analysis on performance, risk reduction, and role of physicochemical properties on removal mechanisms
Huma Ilyas; Ilyas Masih; Eric D. van Hullebusch

Quantifying public health risks from exposure to waterborne pathogens during river bathing as a basis for reduction of disease burden
M. M. Majedul Islam; Md. Atikul Islam

Design and implementation of water purification system based on deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes and a multi-pass geometry reactor
Pallabi Pramanik; Shaswati Das; Arghya Adhikary; Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri; Anirban Bhattacharyya

Cyanobacteria – insidious foe of the skin?
Damjana Drobac Backović; Nada Tokodi; Borislava Nikolin; Zorica Svirčev

A risk-based evaluation of onsite, non-potable reuse systems developed in compliance with conventional water quality measures
Mary E. Schoen; Michael A. Jahne; Jay Garland

Next Day Legionella PCR: a highly reliable negative screen for Legionella in the built environment
Katherine E. Fisher; Leah P. Wickenberg; Lesley F. Leonidas; Anna A. Ranz; Michelle A. Habib; Rafael M. Buford; William F. McCoy

Estimating the malaria transmission over the Indian subcontinent in a warming environment using a dynamical malaria model
Shweta Chaturvedi; Suneet Dwivedi

Fate of Ascaris at various pH, temperature and moisture levels
Jenna Senecal; Annika Nordin; Björn Vinnerås

Shotgun metagenomics reveals differences in antibiotic resistance genes among bacterial communities in Western Balkans glacial lakes sediments
Brankica Filipic; Katarina Novovic; David J. Studholme; Milka Malesevic; Nemanja Mirkovic; Milan Kojic; Branko Jovcic

Factors associated with adherence to safe water chain practices among refugees in Pagirinya refugee settlement, Northern Uganda
Thomas Mugumya; John Bosco Isunju; Tonny Ssekamatte; Solomon Tsebeni Wafula; Richard K. Mugambe

Rotavirus contamination of surface waters from the northwest of Argentina
Verónica Emilse Prez; Hugo Ramiro Poma; Georgina Gisela Giordano; Matías Victoria; Silvia Viviana Nates; Verónica Beatriz Rajal; Patricia Angélica Barril

Child undernutrition in households with microbiologically safer drinking water and ‘improved water’ in Tanna, Vanuatu
Alexandra L. Morrison; Hanneke Lewthwaite; Lisa A. Houghton; Daniel Sum Jimmy Nasak; Katrina J. Sharples; Peter Brown; John A. Crump; Susan J. Jack

Diversity, virulence and antibiogram traits of Escherichia coli recovered from potable water sources in Gharbia, Egypt
Walid Elmonir; Etab Mohamed Abo Remela; Yasmine Alwakil

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