Journal of Water and Health, April 2020, Vol. 18, Issue 2


Aquatic yeasts: diversity, characteristics and potential health implications
Mzimkhulu Ephraim Monapathi; Carlos Cornelius Bezuidenhout; Owen Howard James Rhode
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 91–105.

Preparation and characterization of PAN nanofibers containing boehmite nanoparticles for the removal of microbial contaminants and cadmium ions from water
Sedigheh Borhani; Arezo Asadi; Hossein A. Dabbagh
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 106–117.

Detection of Acanthamoeba spp. in two major water reservoirs in the Philippines
Giovanni Milanez; Frederick Masangkay; Frieda Hapan; Thea Bencito; Marcus Lopez; Jeffrey Soriano; Abdee Ascaño; Louella Lizarondo; Joseph Santiago; Voravuth Somsak Manas Kotepui; Amalia Tsiami; Jitbanjong Tangpong; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 118–126.

The occurrence of potentially pathogenic filamentous fungi in recreational surface water as a public health risk
Katarzyna Góralska; Joanna Błaszkowska; Magdalena Dzikowiec
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 127–144.

Water, sanitation and hygiene risk factors for the transmission of cholera in a changing climate: using a systematic review to develop a causal process diagram
Natalia Jones; Maha Bouzid; Roger Few; Paul Hunter; Iain Lake
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 145–158.

Monitoring the lead-and-copper rule with a water-gated field effect transistor
Zahrah Alqahtani; Nawal Alghamdi; Martin Grell
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 159–171.

Acanthamoeba spp. in river water samples from the Black Sea region, Turkey
İlknur Koyun; Zeynep Kolören; Ülkü Karaman; Amalia Tsiami; Panagiotis Karanis
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 186–199.

The pursuit of good microbiological conditions in domestic softeners: a new improvement
L. Bolelli; Elida Nora Ferri; Stefano Sangiorgi; Giuseppe Novelli; Stefano Girotti
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 200–206.

Developing a forecasting model for cholera incidence in Dhaka megacity through time series climate data
Salima Sultana Daisy; A. K. M. Saiful Islam; Ali Shafqat Akanda; Abu Syed Golam Faruque; Nuhu Amin; Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 207–223.

Effect of Spathiphyllum blandum on the removal of ibuprofen and conventional pollutants from polluted river water, in fully saturated constructed wetlands at mesocosm level
Luis Sandoval; José Luis Marín-Muñíz; Jacel Adame-García; Gregorio Fernández-Lambert; Florentina Zurita
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 224–228.

Identifying the primary sources of fecal contamination along the beaches and rivers of Trinidad
Ronell S. H. Bridgemohan; Dave S. Bachoon; Yingfan Wang; Puran Bridgemohan; Christine Mutiti; Adesh Ramsubhag
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 229–238.

Febrile illness after a beach day: a case of salmonella bacteremia from oral exposure to a sand dollar
Carlos E. Trigo; Faisalmohemed Patel
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 239–243.

Isolation and identification of Acanthamoeba genotypes and Naegleria spp. from the water samples of public swimming pools in Qazvin, Iran
Nastaran Paknejad; Elham Hajialilo; Mehrzad Saraei; Amir Javadi
J Water Health (2020) 18 (2): 244–251.

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