Journal of Water and Health Citation Ranking 2018


Very happy to announce the 2018 citation ranking of JWH papers (as of Jan 24, 2019, counted by Mohan Amarasiri, Tohoku University, Japan, using Web of Science). We really appreciate all reviewers and authors to support our Journal!!!

Karanis P, Kourenti C, Smith H
2007, 5(1) 1-38
33 times cited in 2018 (380 times in total)


Wu J, Long SC, Das D, Dorner SM
2011, 9(2), 265-278
21 times cited in 2018 (126 times in total)


Joseph O. Falkinham, III ,Michael D. Iseman, Petra de Haas, Dick van Soolingen
2008, 6(2), 209–213
12 times cited in 2018 (104 times in total)


Papers published in 2017
N. A. Moreira, M. Bondelind
2017, 15(1), 83-96
8 times cited in 2018 (9 times in total)


Susanne Wuijts, Harold H. J. L. van den Berg, Jennifer Miller, Lydia Abebe, Mark Sobsey, Antoine Andremont, Kate O. Medlicott, Mark W. J. van Passel, Ana Maria de Roda Husman
2017, 15(2), 175-184
6 times cited in 2017 (9 times in total)


Laura M. Suppes, Ching-Hua Huang, Wan-Ning Lee,  Kyle J. Brockman
2017, 15(5), 829-833
6 times cited in 2017 (6 times in total)


Papers publisehd in 2016
Jiawen Ma, Yaoyu Feng, Yue Hu, Eric N. Villegas, Lihua Xia
2016, 14(3), 411-423
10 times cited in 2018  (15 times in total)


Nasser AM
2016, 14(1), 1-13
9 times cited in 2018  (16 times in total)


T. K. Thomas, T. Ritter, D. Bruden, M. Bruce, K. Byrd, R. Goldberger, J. Dobson, K. Hickel, J. Smith, T. Hennessy
2016, 14(1), 132-141
7 times cited in 2018  (14 times in total)
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