Journal of Water and Health, December 2018, Vol. 16, Issue 6


An exploration of disinfection by-products formation and governing factors in chlorinated swimming pool water
Huma Ilyas; Ilyas Masih; Jan Peter van der Hoek
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 861-892.

Critical elements for local Indigenous water security in Canada: a narrative review
Tessa Latchmore; C. J. Schuster-Wallace; Dan Roronhiakewen Longboat; Sarah E. Dickson-Anderson; Anna Majury
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 893-903.

Evaluation of Moringa oleifera seed extract by extraction time: effect on coagulation efficiency and extract characteristic
Youmi Jung; Yoonhee Jung; Minhwan Kwon; Homin Kye; Yirga Weldu Abrha; Joon-Wun Kang
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 904-913.

Interaction between typical sulfonamides and bacterial diversity in drinking water
Qing Wu; Shuqun Li; Xiaofei Zhao; Xinhua Zhao
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 914-920.

Removal of Escherichia coli from well water using continuous laminar flow in a channel system containing PPy/Cu modified electrodes
M. B. González; L. I. Brugnoni; D. O. Flamini; L. M. Quinzani; S. B. Saidman
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 921-929.

Assessment of microbial quality of household water output from desalination systems by the heterotrophic plate count method
Ahmad Reza Yari; Mohammad Javad Mohammadi; Sahar Geravandi; Zohreh Doosti; Soudabeh Alizadeh Matboo; Shahram Arsang Jang; Shahram Nazari
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 930-937.

Evaluation of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis for the detection of mycobacterial species and their potential association with waterborne pathogens
G. Aboagye; M. T. Rowe
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 938-946.

Health risk of swimming pool disinfection by-products: a regulatory perspective
Tamás Pándics; Ádám Hofer; Gyula Dura; Márta Vargha; Tamás Szigeti; Erika Tóth
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 947-957.

Storage of aerobic granular sludge embedded in agar and its reactivation by real wastewater
Yuanyuan Cheng; Xinpeng Xuan; Linan Zhang; Jue Zhao; Bei Long
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 958-969.

Rotavirus analyses by SYBR Green real-time PCR and microbiological contamination in bivalves cultivated in coastal water of Amazonian Brazil
A. N. R. Marinho; D. C. C. Rocha; Y. K. Kanai; C. M. Alves; D. C. Costa; A. H. Sousa; B. C. V. Barros; M. C. M. S. Bonfim; J. D. P. Mascarenhas
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 970-979.

OPEN ACCESS!!!Pathogens in crop production systems irrigated with low-quality water in Bolivia
Luis Fernando Perez-Mercado; Cecilia Lalander; Abraham Joel; Jakob Ottoson; Mercedes Iriarte; Carla Oporto; Björn Vinnerås
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 980-990.

River water analysis using a multiparametric approach: Portuguese river as a case study
Ana Barbosa-Vasconcelos; Ângelo Mendes; Flávia Martins; Elisabete Lopes; Ana Machado; Adriano A. Bordalo; Paulo Vaz-Pires; Natividade Vieira; Paulo Martins da Costa; Lucinda J. Bessa
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 991-1006.

Enterococci as a key parameter for water quality index: Purires River, Costa Rica
Luz Chacón; Víctor Arias; Kenia Barrantes; Wilson Beita-Sandí; Liliana Reyes; Rosario Achí
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 1007-1017.

OPEN ACCESS!!!Water quality, availability, and acute gastroenteritis on the Navajo Nation – a pilot case-control study
Scott P. Grytdal; Robert Weatherholtz; Douglas H. Esposito; James Campbell; Raymond Reid; Nicole Gregoricus; Chandra Schneeberger; Tina S. Lusk; Lihua Xiao; Nancy Garrett; Cheryl Bopp; Laura L. Hammitt; Jan Vinjé; Vincent R. Hill; Katherine L. O’Brien; Aron J. Hall
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 1018-1028.

Snow angels – the microbiology of freshly fallen snow: implications for immunocompromised patients
John E. Moore; John McCaughan; Jonathan Stirling; Jane Bell; B. Cherie Millar
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 1029-1032.

Beyond reasonable drought: hotspots reveal a link between the ‘Big Dry’ and cryptosporidiosis in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin
Aparna Lal; Paul Konings
J Water Health (2018) 16 (6): 1033-1037.

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