Journal of Water and Health, April 2019, Vol. 17, Issue 2


Salmonella and the changing environment: systematic review using New York State as a model
Kevin Welch, Asante Shipp-Hilts, Millicent Eidson, Shubhayu Saha, Shelley Zansky
J Water Health (2018) 17 (2): 179-195.

Analysis of building plumbing system flushing practices and communications
Lisa Ragain, Sheldon Masters, Timothy A. Bartrand, Jennifer L. Clancy, Andrew J. Whelton
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 196-203.

Turbidity reduction in drinking water by coagulation-flocculation with chitosan polymers
Ampai Soros, James E. Amburgey, Christine E. Stauber, Mark D. Sobsey, Lisa M. Casanova
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 204-218.

Survey of US wastewater for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae
Jill Hoelle, James R. Johnson, Brian D. Johnston, Brian Kinkle, Laura Boczek, Hodon Ryu, Sam Hayes
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 219-226.

Variability of residual chlorine in swimming pool water and determination of chlorine consumption for maintaining hygienic safety of bathers with a simple mass balance model
Alvyn P. Berg, Ting-An Fang, Hao L. Tang
J Water Health (2018) 17 (2): 227-236.

Validation and in-field testing of a new on-site qPCR system for quantification of Legionella pneumophila according to ISO/TS 12869:2012 in HVAC cooling towers
Shaimaa Ahmed, Urszula Liwak-Muir, Danielle Walker, Agnes Zoldowski, Alan Mears, Sergey Golovan, Steve Mohr, Paul Lem, Chris Harder
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 237-253.

Kinetics of photocatalytic removal of imidacloprid from water by advanced oxidation processes with respect to nanotechnology
A. Derbalah, M. Sunday, R. Chidya, W. Jadoon, H. Sakugawa
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 254-265.

Advancing performance evaluation standards for household water treatment technologies
D. Brown, C. Farrow, E. A. McBean, B. Gharabaghi, J. Beauchamp
J Water Health (2018) 17 (2): 266-273.

Evaluation of adaptive low cost solar water pasteurization device for providing safe potable water in rural households
Sharmin Zaman, Abu Yousuf, Anowara Begum, Md Latiful Bari, K. S. Rabbani
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 274-286.

Molecular detection of human adenovirus in urban wastewater in Egypt and among children suffering from acute gastroenteritis
Elmahdy M. Elmahdy, Nehal I. Ahmed, Mohamed N. F. Shaheen, EL-Chaimaa B. Mohamed, Samah A. Loutfy
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 287-294.

Diversion and phylogenetic relatedness of filterable bacteria from Norwegian tap and bottled waters
Colin Charnock, Ralf Xue Hagen, Theresa Ngoc-Thu Nguyen, Linh Thuy Vo
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 295-307.

Influence of container cleanliness, container disinfection with chlorine, and container handling on recontamination of water collected from a water kiosk in a Kenyan slum
Regula Meierhofer, Basil Wietlisbach, Carol Matiko
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 308-317.

Implications of soils around domestic water points in the spread of intestinal parasites in the city of Yaounde (Cameroon)
Ajeagah Gideon Aghaindum, Asi Quiggle Atud, Okoa Amougou Thérèse Nadège
J Water Health (2018) 17 (2): 318-328.

Presence of emerging contaminants in urban water bodies in southern Brazil
Glaucia Ghesti Pivetta, Maria do Carmo Cauduro Gastaldini
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 329-337.

Investigation of the water quality of daily used surface-sources for drinking and irrigation by the population of Segou in the center of Mali
Amadou Toure, Duan Wenbiao, Zakaria Keita, Abdramane Dembele
J Water Health (2018) 17 (2): 338-349.

Molecular characterization of nontuberculous mycobacteria in hospital waters: a two-year surveillance study in Tehran, Iran
Somayeh Moradi, Mohammad Javad Nasiri, Fazel Pourahmad, Davood Darban-Sarokhalil
J Water Health (2019) 17 (2): 350-356.

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