Assessing spatial distribution of COVID-19 prevalence in Brazil using decentralised sewage monitoring

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Water Research, Volume 202, 1 September 2021, 117388.

Cesar R.Mota, Thiago Bressani-Ribeiro, Juliana C. Araújo, Cíntia D. Leal, Deborah Leroy-Freitas, Elayne C. Machado, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Luyara Fernandes, Thiago L. Leão, Lucas Chamhum-Silva, Lariza Azevedo, Thiago Morandi, Gabriel Tadeu O. Freitas, Michelle S. Costa, Beatriz O. Carvalho, Marcus Tulius P. Reis, Marília C. Melo, Sergio R. Ayrimoraes, Carlos A. L. Chernicharo

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