Health risks from exposure to untreated wastewater used for irrigation in the Mezquital Valley, Mexico: A 25-year update

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Water Research, 123, 834-850.

Jesse D. Contreras, Rafael Meza, Christina Siebe, Sandra Rodríguez-Dozal, Yolanda A. López-Vidal, Gonzalo Castillo-Rojas, Rosa I. Amieva, Sandra G. Solano-Gálvez, Marisa Mazari-Hiriart, Miguel A. Silva-Magaña, Nallely Vázquez-Salvador, Irma Rosas Pérez, Leticia Martínez Romero, Eva Salinas Cortez, Horacio Riojas-Rodríguez, Joseph N. S. Eisenberg

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