Journal of Water and Health, October 2019, Vol. 17, Issue 5


Do domestic animals contribute to bacterial contamination of infant transmission pathways? Formative evidence from Ethiopia
Sophie Budge, Paul Hutchings, Alison Parker, Sean Tyrrel, Tizita Tulu, Mesfin Gizaw, Camila Garbutt
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 655-669.

Enteric viruses in municipal wastewater effluent before and after disinfection with chlorine and ultraviolet light
Albert Simhon, Vince Pileggi, Cecily A. Flemming, José R. Bicudo, George Lai, Mano Manoharan
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 670-682.

Effects of 2,2-dichloroacetamide (DCAcAm), an emerging disinfection by-product in drinking water, on the intestinal microbiota of adult zebrafish
Bin Xue, Chenyu Li, Shang Wang, Chen Zhao, Kun Dai, Wenhong Li, Zhuge Xi, Jingfeng Wang, Zhigang Qiu, Zhiqiang Shen
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 683-690.

High serological response to Cryptosporidium-specific antigens in the Czech Republic and its association with water supply
Petr Pumann, František Kožíšek, Gunther F. Craun, Twila R. Kunde, Marek Malý, Floyd J. Frost, Lenka Čeřovská
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 691-700.

Precipitation effects on parasite, indicator bacteria, and wastewater micropollutant loads from a water resource recovery facility influent and effluent
Samira Tolouei, Laurène Autixier, Milad Taghipour, Jean-Baptiste Burnet, Jane Bonsteel, Sung Vo Duy, Sébastien Sauvé, Michèle Prévost, Sarah Dorner
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 701-716.

Genotyping determination of Acanthamoeba strains: an original study and a systematic review in Iran
Hadi Mirahmadi ; Maryam Mansouri Nia ; Adel Ebrahimzadeh ; Ahmad Mehravaran ; Reza Shafiei ; Mohammad Taghi Rahimi ; Reza Zolfaghari Emameh ; Harlan R. Barker
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 717-727.

Assessing lead-contaminated drinking water in a large academic institution: a case study
Justin P. Miller-Schulze, Catherine Ishikawa, Jeffery A. Foran
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 728-736.

Faecal contamination of groundwater in rural Vanuatu: prevalence and predictors
Tim Foster, Juliet Willetts, Krishna Kumar Kotra
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 737-748.

Spatial distribution of water quality in the Amazonian region: implications for drinking water treatment procedures
Julio Cesar Wasserman, Viviane Maia Damaceno, Gilson Brito Alves Lima, Maria Angélica Wasserman
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 749-761.

Evaluation of genotoxicity and hematological effects in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) induced by disinfection by-products
Samina Perveen, Imran Hashmi, Romana Khan
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 762-776.

Response and remediation actions following the detection of Naegleria fowleri in two treated drinking water distribution systems, Louisiana, 2013–2014
Jennifer R. Cope, Amy M. Kahler, Jake Causey, John G. Williams, Jennifer Kihlken, Caryn Benjamin, Amanda P. Ames, Johan Forsman, Yuanda Zhu, Jonathan S. Yoder Chad J. Seidel, Vincent R. Hill
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 777-787.

Rainwater catchments in rural Alaska have the potential to produce high-quality water and high quantities of water for household use
Kaitlin Mattos, Elizabeth King, Cara Lucas, Elizabeth Hodges Snyder, Aaron Dotson, Karl Linden
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 788-800.

Estimated burden of disease from arsenic in drinking water supplied by domestic wells in the United States
Susan Lavinia Greco, Anna Belova, Jacqueline Haskell, Lorraine Backer
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 801-812.

Occurrence and molecular characterisation of Acanthamoeba isolated from recreational hot springs in Malaysia: evidence of pathogenic potential
Rosnani Hanim Mohd Hussain, Ahmad Razali Ishak, Mohamed Kamel Abdul Ghani, Naveed Ahmed Khan, Ruqaiyyah Siddiqui, Tengku Shahrul Anuar
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 813-825.

Harmful algal bloom and associated health risks among users of Lake Victoria freshwater: Ukerewe Island, Tanzania
Geofrey J. Mchau, Edna Makule, Revocatus Machunda, Yun Yun Gong , Martin Kimanya
J Water Health (2019) 17 (5): 826-836.

Molecular analysis of Blastocystis sp. and its subtypes from treated wastewater routinely used for irrigation of vegetable farmlands in Iran
Ehsan Javanmard, Hanieh Mohammad Rahimi, Maryam Niyyati, Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei, Meysam Sharifdini, Hamed Mirjalali, Mohammad Reza Zali, Panagiotis Karanis

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