Impacts of a changing earth on microbial dynamics and human health risks in the continuum between beach water and sand

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Water Research, Volume 162, 1 October 2019, Pages 456-470.

Chelsea J.Weiskerger, João Brandão, Warish Ahmed, Asli Aslan, Lindsay Avolio, Brian D. Badgley, Alexandria B. Boehm, Thomas A. Edge, Jay M. Fleisher, Christopher D. Heaney, Luisa Jordao, Julie L. Kinzelman, James S. Klaus, Gregory T. Kleinheinz, Päivi Meriläinen, Jean Pierre Nshimyimana, Mantha S. Phanikumar, Alan M. Piggot, Tarja Pitkänen, Clare Robinson, Michael J. Sadowsky, Christopher Staley, Zachery R. Staley, Erin M. Symonds, Laura J. Vogel, Kevan M. Yamahara, Richard L. Whitman, Helena M. Solo-Gabriele, Valerie J. Harwood

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