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JWH papers highly cited in 2019

25 times cited
Waterborne transmission of protozoan parasites: A worldwide review of outbreaks and lessons learnt
Panagiotis Karanis ; Christina Kourenti ; Huw Smith
J Water Health (2007) 5 (1): 1–38.

21 times cited
Are microbial indicators and pathogens correlated? A statistical analysis of 40 years of research
J. Wu ; S. C. Long ; D. Das ; S. M. Dorner
J Water Health (2011) 9 (2): 265–278.

16 times cited
Population-based study of intra-household gender differences in water insecurity: reliability and validity of a survey instrument for use in rural Uganda
Alexander C. Tsai ; Bernard Kakuhikire ; Rumbidzai Mushavi ; Dagmar Vořechovská ; Jessica M. Perkins ; Amy Q. McDonough ; David R. Bangsberg
J Water Health (2016) 14 (2): 280–292.

13 times cited
Safe drinking water and waterborne outbreaks
N. A. Moreira ; M. Bondelind
J Water Health (2017) 15 (1): 83–96.

Global cost-benefit analysis of water supply and sanitation interventions
Guy Hutton ; Laurence Haller ; Jamie Bartram
J Water Health (2007) 5 (4): 481–502.

11 times cited
Towards a research agenda for water, sanitation and antimicrobial resistance
Susanne Wuijts ; Harold H. J. L. van den Berg ; Jennifer Miller ; Lydia Abebe ; Mark Sobsey ; Antoine Andremont ; Kate O. Medlicott ; Mark W. J. van Passel ; Ana Maria de Roda Husman
J Water Health (2017) 15 (2): 175–184.

Psychosocial impacts of the lack of access to water and sanitation in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review
Elijah Bisung ; Susan J. Elliott
J Water Health (2017) 15 (1): 17–30.

Synthesis of walnut shell modified with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles for efficient removal of humic acid from aqueous solutions
Ali Naghizadeh ; Habibeh Shahabi ; Fatemeh Ghasemi ; Ahmad Zarei
J Water Health (2016) 14 (6): 989–997.

QMRA and water safety management: review of application in drinking water systems
S. R. Petterson ; N. J. Ashbolt
J Water Health (2016) 14 (4): 571–589.

Influences on the water testing behaviors of private well owners
Krystian Imgrund ; Reid Kreutzwiser ; Rob de Loë
J Water Health (2011) 9 (2): 241–252.

A sea change ahead for recreational water quality criteria
Alexandria B. Boehm, Jr ; Nicholas J. Ashbolt ; John M. Colford, Jr ; Lee E. Dunbar ; Lora E. Fleming ; Mark A. Gold ; Joel A. Hansel ; Paul R. Hunter ; Audrey M. Ichida ; Charles D. McGee … Show more
J Water Health (2009) 7 (1): 9–20.

Waterborne pathogens in urban watersheds
Russell D. Arnone ; Joyce Perdek Walling
J Water Health (2007) 5 (1): 149–162.

Counted by Dr. Mohan AMARASIRI, Tohoku University, Japan, based on Web of Science