A systematic review of influenza virus in water environments across human, poultry, and wild bird habitats

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Water Research X, Volume 22, 1 January 2024, 100210.

S Kenmoe, GR Takuissu, JT Ebogo-Belobo, C Kengne-Ndé, DS Mbaga, A Bowo-Ngandji, JL Ondigui Ndzie, R Kenfack-Momo, S Tchatchouang, R Lontuo Fogang, E Zeuko’o Menkem, GI Kame-Ngasse, JN Magoudjou-Pekam, S Puzelli, L Lucentini, C Veneri, P Mancini, G Bonanno Ferraro, M Iaconelli, C Del Giudice, D Brandtner, E Suffredini, G La Rosa


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