Campus node-based wastewater surveillance enables COVID-19 case localization and confirms lower SARS-CoV-2 burden relative to the surrounding community

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Water Research, Volume 244, 1 October 2023, 120469.

Jangwoo Lee, Nicole Acosta, Barbara J. Waddell, Kristine Du, Kevin Xiang, Jennifer Van Doorn, Kashtin Low, Maria A. Bautista, Janine McCalder, Xiaotian Dai, Xuewen Lu, Thierry Chekouo, Puja Pradhan, Navid Sedaghat, Chloe Papparis, Alexander Buchner Beaudet, Jianwei Chen, Leslie Chan, Laura Vivas, Paul Westlund, Srijak Bhatnagar, September Stefani, Gail Visser, Jason Cabaj, Stefania Bertazzon, Shahrzad Sarabi, Gopal Achari, Rhonda G. Clark, Steve E. Hrudey, Bonita E. Lee, Xiaoli Pang, Brendan Webster, William Amin Ghali, Andre Gerald Buret, Tyler Williamson, Danielle A. Southern, Jon Meddings, Kevin Frankowski, Casey R.J. Hubert, Michael D. Parkins

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