Journal of Water and Health, Volume 21, Issue 2, 1 February 2023


Predatory efficacy of Bdellovibrio stolpii isolated from the wastewater sources against the multidrug-resistant clinical isolates
Manikeri Shraddha Suresh; Dhanyashree Rai; Juliet Mohan Raj; Ramya Premanath; Divyashree M
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 147–159.

Survey of float tank operating practices
Laura Michele Suppes; Ashkahn Jahromi; Roy Vore
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 160–165.

Assessing biosolids quality at the Mu’ta-Mazar wastewater treatment plant for the years 2016–2019
Nisreen AL-Hmoud; Mumen Alrwashdeh; Bassam Hayek
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 166–177.

Occurrence of Staphylococcus spp. in the wastewaters from Iran: Diversity, antimicrobial resistance, and virulence potential
Mahsa Ranjbar Omid; Houshang Jamali; Farshid Kafilzadeh; Amir Borjian; Mohsen Arzanlou
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 178–191.

Community awareness of dental fluorosis as a health risk associated with fluoride in improved groundwater sources in Mangochi District, Malawi
Kondwani Andreah; Mavuto Tembo; Mtafu Manda
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 192–204.

Toxic chromium in water and the effects on the human body: a systematic review
Maria-Nefeli Georgaki; Marianna Charalambous
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 205–223.

Assessing drinking water quality and health risks of contaminants in the coastal areas of Cambodia
Vibol Sao; Chan Oeurn Chey; Tharith Sriv; Noreaksatya The; Samnang Phin; Sophanith Hoeng; Kongkea Phan
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 224–234.

How effective are water treatment processes in removing toxic effects of micropollutants? A literature review of effect-based monitoring data
Jerome Enault; Jean-François Loret; Peta A. Neale; Milo L. de Baat; Beate I. Escher; Faten Belhadj; Stefan A. E. Kools; Geertje J. Pronk; Frederic D. L. Leusch
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 235–250.

Developing a public-private partnership framework for managing the adverse health effects of environmental disaster (a case study of Lake Urmia – Iran)
Hojatolah Gharaee; Rebecca Susan Dewey; Amir Hossein Gholami; Saber Azami-Aghdash
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 251–260.

Trends and patterns of cholera epidemic in West Africa: a statistical modeling study
Amadou Conde; Nurin Dureh; Attachai Ueranantasun
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 261–270.

Limnological variables as a determinant of fish parasites abundance in the Esa-Odo reservoir, Esa-Odo Southwestern Nigeria
Obayemi Oluwadamilare Emmanuel; Olaniyi Olusola Komolafe; Edith Ediseimokumoh Onana
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 271–285.

Assessment of physicochemical and bacteriological quality of drinking water in Sapele local government area of Delta State, South-South, Nigeria
Prince Eseoghene Edeki; Essy Clementina Isah; Ndubuisi Mokogwu
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 286–298.

Spatial distribution and seasonal profile of parasitic contamination in sewage water samples from the city of Santana do Ipanema, Northeast region of Brazil
P. D. Lima; Vitória Jordana Bezerra Alencar; João Paulo Vieira Machado; Aécio Prado Lima Júnior; Maria Wilma da Silva Lima; Laryssa Oliveira Silva; Sheilla Conceição Gomes; Martha Rejane Souza Bispo; Ádrian Cabral Silva; Letícia Pereira Bezerra; Tatyane Martins Cirilo; Wandklebson Silva da Paz; Israel Gomes de Amorim Santos; Rosália Elen Santos Ramos
J Water Health (2023) 21 (2): 299–312.

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