High-throughput sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater provides insights into circulating variants

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Water Research, Volume 205, 15 October 2021, 117710.

Rafaela S. Fontenele, Simona Kraberger, James Hadfield, Erin M. Driver, Devin Bowes, LaRinda A. Holland, Temitope O. C. Faleye, Sangeet Adhikari, Rahul Kumar, Rosa Inchausti, Wydale K. Holmes, Stephanie Deitrick, Philip Brown, Darrell Duty, Ted Smith, Aruni Bhatnagar, Ray A. Yeager II, Rochelle H.Holm, Natalia Hoogesteijn von Reitzenstein, Elliott Wheeler, Kevin Dixon, Tim Constantine, Melissa A. Wilson, Efrem S. Lima, Xiaofang Jiang, Rolf U. Halden, Matthew Scotch, Arvind Varsani


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Near real-time determination of B.1.1.7 in proportion to total SARS-CoV-2 viral load in wastewater using an allele-specific primer extension PCR strategy

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