International web conference “Pool and Spa in time of Covid-19”

Monday 22.06.2020: Web conference “Pool and Spa in time of Covid-19”. 15:00 – 18:00 CEST


Registration advice: without an Italian fiscal, you can type an “x” in all mandatory financial fields (16x an “x” in the fiscal code field).

We would also like to know what the guidelines for swimming pools are in the different countries. To do this, you can fill in the questionnaire online (or ask someone from your network to do it for you). Federica will present the results of this questionnaire during the conference.

You can see the program from here:

Project Researcher Position, Research Center for Water Environment Technology, the University of Tokyo

Research Center for Water Environment Technology (RECWET), Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo is looking for a post-doc researcher who will be involved in either one of the following studies. While the post-doc takes part in one of the research divisions, he/she is supposed to actively interact with the other divisions as well as the other researchers in the university.

(1) Division on Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development
(2) Division on Water System Management
(3) Division on International Water Environment

You can find details of this post from HERE.