Evaluation of multiple laboratory performance and variability in analysis of recreational freshwaters by a rapid Escherichia coli qPCR method (Draft Method C)

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Water Research, Volume 156, 1 June 2019, Pages 465-474.

Tiong  Gim Aw, Mano Sivaganesan, Shannon Briggs, Erin Dreelin, Asli Aslan, Samuel Dorevitch, Abhilasha Shrestha, Natasha Isaacs, Julie Kinzelman, Greg Kleinheinz, Rachel Noble, Rick Rediske, Brian Scullk, Susan Rosenberg, Barbara Weberman, Tami Sivy, Ben Southwell, Shawn Siefring, Kevin Oshima, Richard Haugland


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Standardized data quality acceptance criteria for a rapid Escherichia coli qPCR method (Draft Method C) for water quality monitoring at recreational beaches
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